Monday, March 21, 2011

The wind is blowing gently...

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah

I see dark red and pink frangipannies, red hibiscus and purple bougainvillea. The lush green and the everchanging stream. When it rains it would rapidly swell up and rise to cover all the banks and almost to the edge of the golf course. Birds singing, flying, sitting quietly and suddenly catching a fish in their beaks. 2 days back I saw a pelican walking by itself in front of my ground floor low rise apartment. Biawak was there too - rather large, even from a distance. I am so grateful to Allah SWT to be given a chance to experience all his wonders, packed in a tiny little home in the middle of the city.

Peace and quiet in the morning

Sun is getting a little brighter, its chilly in the morning and I do not need to depend on the air conditioner. As I sit here facing the greens I forgot to switch on the fan and its still cool. Hah! a squirrel just ran across my open glass door just around 4 feet away from my table.

City folks - stop and smell the roses!

All you city folks, remember to stop and smell the roses! We are so busy rushing from assignment to assignment, place to place we have no time to experience and appreciate the goodness around us.

All good things must end someday...

I have decided to move away when my lease is over and will not take the option of another year. Its been great living here but this service apartment has not much service at all. There is a fairly good gym, beauty salon, dry cleaner, meeting room etc. They have all the facilities that I am not interested in and do not have what I require.

No jemaah

No cafe or restaurant, library or social and health activities that bring the residents together. No jemaah and no friends to do some amal around here. I do see some nice people around but we are so busy , just waving and saying hello before we disappear into our apartments and vehicles. Perhaps I shall make an effort before I leave. Everything I do seems to be on an individual basis. My son helps me to send food to the guards occasionally. They know us now. They too need love and care though we do not know them well.

Ramadhan is a time for even more sharing and caring

I did try to be a little neighbourly when I first moved in. During Ramadhan I distributed food and dates regularly to the guards and workers, even to the residents whom I happened to meet.

We focused on the guards as they could not join other Muslims for tarawih prayers nor could they break fast (iftar) with others in the masjid or at home with their families. Some may be foreigners. Ramadhan is a time when we should make more effort to make them feel appreciated.

Really efficient service and good security

Service is great and everything is good here except that the privacy became an obstacle towards knowing our neighbours. I love privacy but Muslims have some responsibilities towards their neighbours. I do not have much opportunities to help or assist people here. Everyone is self sufficient and busy busy busy.

Even walkers are in a hurry

Even the young and old who walk briskly round and round the whole compound seem like in a hurry. They walk with a glassy blur in their eyes. Guess I may end up like them one day if I'm not careful. They just needed to finish that exercise! Really sad to see this... I do understand brisk walking but even walkers are in a real hurry. Guess its not much fun to struggle round and round the block. They have to rush home to fulfil other responsibilities.

I just need some necessities

I need to buy some daily necessities like bread,butter, egg and milk often. A small mini market would be great so I do not need to dress up and drive all the way to the supermarket just to get a few small but necessary items. I need a place where I can order a cold mocktail or some hot English tea while I relax by the pool. There is a nice eating and working area there but the cafe had been closed for over half a year. What service?

Drizzling now... stream is rising again

Its drizzling now ... so softly the rain falls - I look forward to seeing the larger birds. They love to fly over during a light drizzle. I have to say goodbye to all these little luxuries that money cannot buy. Can hear the various sounds of the different birds.

Best things are free

Yes, all the good and best things in life are free of charge. Allah SWT provides the air that we breath, the trees, the flowers - the rich flora and fauna that is necessary for life.

How do we give thanks?

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