Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Japan?

My heart goes out to the people of Japan

My heart goes out to the people of Japan. The earthquake and tsunami that hit so many regions of the country is a very catastrophic disaster. My deepest condolences to the families and people who were directly and indirectly affected by this very sad and terrifying event. May this event help them discover the power and supremacy of our Creator.

Words cannot express how many of us felt when we witnessed the onslaught of the tidal waves that engulfed so many buildings and land . Something we vaguely know may happen but did not really think it could sweep inwards with such unrelenting ferocity and power.

Where is the source of this unseen power?

Where is the source of this unseen power? What is that all about? Some unbelievers and even people who are termed as Muslims may attribute it to mother nature.

Who is this so called 'mother nature'? Does she exist?

Why was such a term coined when there is no evidence whatsoever about this so called force? Can anyone come up with some real hard evidence?I think not.

Deliberate Attempt to Influence Others by Choice of Words

Is it an attempt hundreds of years ago, when the English vocabulary was evolved to introduce certain words to influence people? Who influenced the language and for what purpose? Who decided what to feed the minds of the masses? Who were these people?

Term coined by people who did not believe
in the existence of the Supreme Creator

Obviously people who did not believe in the existence of the Supreme Creator. Allah SWT's name was indeed known to people since the time of our earliest prophets. If they did not believe in Allah SWT, who or what did they worship?

Planned Influence and Distortion

This very common term of mother nature was created and carefully nutured to influence all later generations until today. People were told interesting stories about fairies, elves and goblins. This was pagan worship. When believing Muslims use it, perhaps they too could not see that everything is from Allah and cannot be separated. Or they did not understand the severity of their words.

We can lose our aqidah

We can lose our aqidah when we do not acknowledge the power of creation to Allah. If man evolved from the apes, who created the apes? Allah SWT created millions of different species and there are probably millions more that modern man has not even discovered yet. We actually know so little. We cannot even cure the common cold.

Debunking the theory of evolution

These people talked about the theory of evolution, where there is no mention of the Supreme Creator but that people, animals, fish and even mountains changed and evolved through time to become different species. To understand this further, just look up The Theory of Evolution by brother Harun Yahya. He wrote in detail to debunk such deliberate fallacies.

Ring of Fire

Coming back to Japan, we were all so shocked by what happened. Yet we all know that Japan is an earthquake prone area. Ring of Fire - sounds so ominous.

Why not Japan?

Why not Japan? It can be any place, any time. Allah SWT tells us he will test us with loss of wealth, property and loved ones. All that is in existence from the sky and the sea and all that is in between belongs to Allah SWT - the universes, the galaxies, the sun, the moon and the stars.

What did we learn?

So what do we learn from this very devastating event? Mother nature did this? Does she even exist? Where does she fit in? No Where! We all come from Allah SWT and to Him we all must return. He created everything and yet ungrateful human beings attribute even creation of lifeforms to other entities.

Brainwashed when we were young

It took me a while when I first learnt about Islam to adjust my thinking. We were taught in schools and in story books and even in history that mother nature makes things happen. Now we know the truth - Allah SWT is Creator. To Allah we must all return.

When Acheh and lesser known areas were hit by tsunami, how did people react? Oh, these places were affected because they are islands and exposed to the waves and sea.

Many of us just could not believe our eyes! We did not want to believe it was happening.

But what about Japan? People kept looking at videos of the surging water again and again. It was an unbelieving scene - perhaps we did not want to believe it was really happening. Some of us watched the advancing force repeatedly. It was as if we needed to make the whole picture sink and etch into our minds, to remind ourselves that Allah can do anything.

I had to see the whole scene to let it sink in

I needed to do that - I want to see for myself the Power and Force of the Almighty. He told us many times in Al Quran about His attributes but some of us just could not visualise that Power.
He only sent us a bit of water and that really threw us off. The world economy is already affected. What we saw was just a small bit of the bigger picture.

Many people worship other that Allah

People these days worship science and technology. They worship physical beauty and youth. They worship power. They worship wealth. They have the technology to even build nuclear reactors in the belief that that could harness energy and save their country.Its done the opposite now. Is Allah warning us about something? Are we not seeing or listening?

What Lessons ?

What lessons did we learn from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan? Doesn't that make us think? What did we learn from this massive destruction? Perhaps its a small reminder from Allah - that many people are becoming arrogant and unheedful. We place people, techonology and worldly gains above worship of Allah SWT.

Allah only has to say 'Be!" and it is!

What can people do at all, when Allah says 'Be!' and it is!. By a single command, Allah can make things happen - that does not take millions of years to do it. Perhaps it is to tell us even the highest technology and stringent standards cannot prevent what is destined to occur.

No one can run or hide from Allah. Where do we think we can run to? Ends of the earth? Well the world is round so we will end up in exactly the same place. He is the Irresistable, the Conqueror.

Mountains will fall like cards

The mountains will fall like cards and everything will be broken up. When they collapse, the continents will be affected as everything is connected at its very base. Japan is just a very small example of what to expect when the world ends, and the souls of all His servants will have to return to Him, whether we go willingly or fight and resist. Even the mightest rulers will have to submit in the end. Allahu Akbar!

Even the highest technology cannot save us

Perhaps Japan is chosen to tell us we cannot run from His decisions and our fate and destiny. Though it is so advanced, high tech and disciplined, the whole country and its people cannot even save themselves when the earth quakes. Nothing is in our hands and every second of our lives depend on Allah. How small we are and yet man walks arrogantly on this earth.

Be Humble and Grateful

Even in calamity and hardship we have to acknowledge and thank Allah with a humble and grateful heart. We need to know what has happened to other people and countries can and may happen to us anytime.

How can we show our gratitude?

Let us take heed and be appreciate of all the goodness and benefits that Allah had given us all these years. How do we show our gratitude? What can we do?

Be a responsible citizen of the world and the universe

Sincerely seek true knowledge of Al Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet saw. Try to obey as much as possible and share beneficial knowledge with people around you. Be good, do good and help others to do good. Take care of our environment and do not tamper with the good and clean earth. Be a caring and responsible citizen of the world and the universe.


  1. What a great post, masha-Allah. Thank you for sharing your thought and reminder here. It affected me greatly too, the recent disaster. How fragile our life and the earth really is.

    Keep writing and sharing Sis Noorshin :)

  2. Thanks for feedback sis Naziehah. So many things happening in the world today. We need to slow down and reflect. Good to share. :)