Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doing our Best and Reliance on Allah SWT

Today my friend shared some interesting facts that were revealed during an interesting interview with a well known succesful businessman . He revealed that being the eldest of the family, he had to drop out of school to help his father in his small business. He had no choice as there were many mouths to feed and he accepted the responsibility of helping with the family business.

When he was asked what did he miss most in his youth he replied that he felt very sad to see other ten year old children going to school and playing together. He had to follow his father to work, selling and trading fabrics and related items. As years went by, the business developed bit by bit, with lots of toil, disappointments. challenges and struggle.

This young man faced many adversities in his work and despite many ups and downs, he carried on. Allah SWT hears the duaa of the ones who call on him. He is pleased with people who carried on supplicating for His help and guidance, in patience and with great hope of His blessings.

One day he closed a very major business transaction and things started improving thereafter. With consistent hard work and persistence, he became very successful in his business and suddenly all the dark clouds parted. The light and blessings of Allah SWT showered upon him and his family and today they are not only well known but also known to be very generous and kind people.

Alhamdulillah! Nobody knows when Allah SWT will send His help and turn our lives around. We have to do our best and leave the rest to Him. He is the one who decides on our portion of rezk and wealth, we have to appreciate what is decreed for us. If we want more, we are encouraged to strive and work for it and continue asking for His help.

A Muslim has to learn to be contented and grateful for what is his portion in life. He has to strive for more and not complain and moan about his lack of opportunities and 'poverty'.

A hundred ringgit (dollars) may not seem much to many of us but there are many people out there who cannot put food on the table for their family tonight. There are those who cannot pay their electricity and water bills. Some cannot afford to send their children to school by school bus as they cannot afford it.

For those who are grateful for Allah SWT's provision, He will increase it for them and make it easy for them in due course. For every hardship there is relief.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Very Sleepy but ...

Everytime I am a little free, its really late at night. By the time I am really sleepy, I would sometimes feel I should just check my blog and perhaps update it a little....its so very wordy and almost boring!

Allah SWT's Mercy by sending Rain

Allah SWT is so very Merciful! Even if there is so much wickedness in the land, His Compassion is so great that He still showers His Mercy upon all His creation. All of us, including the animal, trees and vegetation receive the blessings of rainfall as we are totally dependant on His Mercy.

Its been raining the past few days and the air is fresh and cool at night. I saw the same large white crane- like bird standing alone in a small pool of water in front of my garden late this evening. Masha Allah! I feel so happy by its visit again.... they come alone sometimes and often in threes, a brown bird, a white one and a grey one. They always appear after the rain. When they spread their wings in flight, they are so very magnificent and graceful. Masha Allah!

I wonder where they come from? Where do they live? Why do they frequent this little meandering stream in the golf course in the middle of Selangor? Where do they go?

Animal Kingdom around Us

Once a young monitor lizard wandered into my garden. It was larger than a large cat, very beautiful with brilliant hues of green - it did look like a mini dinosaur. We had to chase it away by hosing it with water. It didn't realise that other people may harm it or even try to kill it. People are cruel sometimes without realising.

There is a very large monitor lizard (biawak) that also comes downstream and they all seem to like to drop by a short distance in front of my home. When it rains the stream rises to cover all the nearby areas and looks like a fast flowing large stream, about 50 feet wide (estimate). Biawak would then come down perhaps for fish and then find its way up the grassy banks to the golf course. Wonder what it does there?

Different Personalities

Sometimes the large grey bird is naughty and would bully and chase away the brown one though they are of about the same size. It shows the animals too have different personalities. Some are tougher and others timid. Kingfishers and other small birds do not care much about them - they fly about, all over the place enjoying the drizzle, keeping a lookout for fish.

Jewel Coloured Kingfisher prepares Dinner

My son once saw a vivid turquoise and yellow kingfisher catch a fish,. It flew and sat on a branch and hit the fish repeatedly on the branch to 'fix' its dinner! Kind of sad for the fish but we humans eat to live too.

The quiet time of the evening is so peaceful - shukr Alhamdulillah! It makes me forget about the meetings, deadlines and worldly responsibilities for a while.

I may not live in this wonderful place forever and may move on but I will always be grateful to Allah SWT for giving me this wonderful experience of being close to His creation. Alhamdulillah!

No matter where we stay, we must look out for the gems in the silver lining and appreciate the daily joys of living. Be truly thankful for Allah SWT's mercies and blessings.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friendship and Keeping in Touch

Seems like just only yesterday! True, the human mind can retain pieces of information and retrieve it instantly much of the time. In fact its common to forget current events and yet retain important information that happened even 30 to 40 years ago!

Lost and Found!

Yesterday I got in touch with a very dear and long lost friend and sister in Iman. We reconnected instantly, just like we only left each other yesterday! I can still remember her laughter, her kindness, motivation and of course her cooking! Mmmm... I still remember how to make her delicious bread pudding! The way it puffed up, piping hot from the oven. Best eaten when it fresh and hot!

Straight from the Heart

I always seem to eat more when I'm having a meal at a friend's home. Home cooking is always best and most wholesome - why? Because it straight from the heart - right to our tummies! :)
In fact my cooking improved a lot as I would try out the dishes at home so my family could enjoy them too!

Things to do :
If you are too busy to send a real card, send your friend a virtual card to tell you you miss her and appreciate her.
Or just sms her to say hello.
I remember her in my prayers and make duaa (supplication) for her and her family.
We sometimes need to be more spontaneous as we tend to procrastinate when we want to do it 'properly' and then it never gets done...

Love your Friends for Allah SWT's Sake

Tell your dear friends you love them for the Allah SWT's sake. That's the best kind of love as we will insha Allah be reminded and motivated to be sincere, caring and humble in our relationship.

I feel so Blessed!

I feel so blessed to have known so many wonderful dear friends. Always in each other's hearts, insha Allah. May Allah SWT bless them and their loved ones and keep them safe and in His path.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lovely Lovely Fabrics Everywhere!

Been purchasing some lovely lovely silk fabrics lately. Its costly to have our clothes tailored but we can try to save by buying quality fabrics during mega sales. Shopping and carrying the heavy fabrics take time and effort but nothing good ever comes that easy. Remember not to stinge on the tailoring as a badly made dress is really a waste of precious time and money.

Guess that's why many people prefer to pay more for ready made clothes as they know what they are paying for. Unless its a tailor or boutique that they are familiar with.

Appreciate the Tailor

Its really difficult to get people to help with sewing and hemming etc so the poor overworked tailor has to do everything alone. Its sheer torture!!! Its fun to sew your own clothes at your own pace but to have to go to town to buy buttons, thread, notions, to draft, to cut, sew , hem, iron etc daily is such a terrible chore. Its not a job like cut and paste - even that can be tedious and boring, if you know what I mean...

New Range to Complement the Book

Have to design and work with my tailors to create a small range of clothes to complement the contents of my new book. I did not plan to do the clothes yet as I know the complexities and stress of designing, purchasing, planning, sewing and embellishment. However there had been some requests by friends who wish to motivate me, so it may be time for me to really think about coming up with a range .

Look out for Muslima Garment Designs

Insya Allah I will post some designs from time to time as my articles are getting very wordy! I hope you will enjoy them.

It really takes time and effort so I need to really get started. Well, I've started ...

Moroccan Meals

Alhamdulillah! We always feel extra thankful and satisfied after enjoying some Moroccan food at Min Fes spa and Cafe. In most cafes we do not get to enjoy authentic Moroccan salads and Moroccan mint tea, hot and sweet. The teh tarik is pretty good too! Though not Moroccan, which true Malaysian would not enjoy a cup of foaming teh tarik!

Harira soup and Tagine (slow braised meat in clay tagine vessel)

I particularly enjoy the chicken as well as lamb tagine. You will get to taste authentic Moroccan Harira soup, nutritious, delicious and an absolute favorite with all our friends. Mmmmmm... Yummy!!!

Min Fes

If you are ever in Damansara Perdana area, near Curve or Ikea, just turn into the road leading to Surian Condo and you will find a short row of shophouses. Min Fes is at the other end, one a spa and the other a cafe and selling Muslim apparel. They also have a gym upstairs that caters to the needs of men and women users separately, by appointment.

Hot Moroccan Tea and Salads

Today we had whole meal pannini lamb kofta sandwich, salad, lamb tagine and hot Moroccan tea. During my last visit I enjoyed a light snack of foul medamas, mashed beans with olive oil and lemon and consumed a whole plate of eggplant salad. I love the carrot salad too - can't imagine how I can eat up the whole plateful of carrots at one go! Healthy, my friends.

Real Food, Good Price

The prices are really affordable, not pricey like the restaurants found in touristy areas. I feel good as its wholesome real food, with olive oil and fresh ingredients. Alhamdulillah!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eidul Adha

Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minkum. May Allaah SWT accept from you and from us, our good deeds. Eid Mubarak.

Alhamdulillah Muslims all over the world celebrated this very special day (Hari Raya Haji) with joy and peace. We did not break our fast until after Eid prayers, unlike Eidul Fitri, (Hari Raya Puasa) where we will have a light breakfast before going for solat jemaah (congregational prayers).

Great Buffet Breakfast

We were ravenous when we left the masjid and had a wonderful buffet breakfast at a hotel nearby.Great selection and as with buffets, we can only choose what we like as we should not overeat. That would be harming ourselves actually.

This year only few of us made it to the same masjid. Some of my friends have gone for Haj and it must be such an emotional and satisfying journey for them.

Journey of a Lifetime

A journey of a lifetime!Dear brothers and sisters, may Allah SWT accept your pilgrimage and accept all your duaas (supplications) and ibadah (worship).

During Eidul Fitri many of us managed to meet at the masjid and adjourned to visit the homes of some of our members. It was certainly more interesting to be invited to the homes of our friends and to sample their very delicious food!

Volunteers have no day off!

I was disappointed to miss seeing some sisters whom I had promised to visit.Voluntary work has no day off! That's what makes voluntary work interesting and so very challenging!

Convert Support
Honour our Parents

We had to visit a new sister whose mother is rather uncomfortable and unhappy with the new developments. Actually we need to be very sensitive to their feelings and assure them that as Muslims, the parents are to be honoured and loved. We have to work hard to make them realise that Islam encourages us to be better children and better citizens.

Do what we can and leave the rest to Allah

And voluntary work is satisfying when we have done our part - even though we do not always succeed in our attempts to assist or help others. After all, we can only do our part and leave the rest to Allah SWT. He knows best.

Missing Mom

Now that my mother is no longer around, I miss her much, especially during Eid. This year I did not prepare anything very special but celebrated with friends. May Allah SWT forgive her sins and give her the highest Jannah (Paradise). I thank Allah SWT for making her my mother!

Never Stop Making Duaa

We must never stop making duaa for our parents, families and friends and the ummah (Muslim community worldwide). Duaas are very powerful.

Eidul Adha is Important and Significant

Many people somehow do not consider Eidul Adha as priority and do not do much to celebrate the day befitting the occasion. They treat it as a private family affair and take a break from hectic pace of daily work. However they sometimes celebrate Eidul Fitri for over a whole month, with open houses almost every weekends - we were sometimes invited to several homes in a day. Strange but true!

It isn't a complaint but sometimes it even became difficult to please everyone as there isn't sufficient time to visit every home and we certainly could not eat that much.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black is Beautiful

Many people still mistakenly imagine Muslim women in shapeless black tents, uneducated, conservative, oppressed and forever in ignorance.

What an Awful Misconception!

Sure, there are still women like that in some parts of the world. Some are victims of unislamic culture, where women are not given their rightful place of honour in society.

Maybe they are poverty stricken due to war and natural disasters. They may not have educational opportunities and they may not have a voice of their own.

Ignorant and chauvinistic men may try to perpetuate their power over the women in their societies. These men are actually backward and ignorant of the wisdom, fairness and beauty of Islam.

Double Standards

When someone wears a black, tight and revealing outfit, people say its cool, elegant and fabulous. When a Muslima wears a black abaya (long overcoat or gown), even some fellow Muslims say wearing black is backward, depressing and conservative. That is a little unkind.

Too Much Bling Bling blinds Us

Though it is fashionable these days for some Muslima to wear black abayas, it was mainly a cultural practice in certain parts of Arabia. Some garments these days are actually extremely expensive.(Think bling bling from Dubai) Actually all that excessive glitter and bling would make these garments a little unsuitable for Muslima to wear outside the home. Simply too flashy for the public eye, my dears! All eyes will be riveted in your direction. Is that what you really want?

Ready for Abaya!

No one forced anyone to buy black. No one said its more holy to wear black. No one said we must only wear abaya! It took me a very long time to grow to love and accept the black abaya. I did not understand the rationale behind wearing a black abaya. Actually white or light coloured abayas are really nice but they are not so practical.

Now I realise its such a versatile garment- modest, easy fit, conceals all the curves of the body and it covers our beautiful attractive clothes which we use in privacy. Only dark fabrics are opaque. White may be a little transparent.

Quality abayas are now available in many beautiful textures,in dark and neutral shades and even combined with beautiful brocades and silks. They are tastefully styled and well made. That revolution took many years! I'm ready for abaya now!

Help Each Other to Please Allah SWT

People who wear clothes that reveal their figures and skin have actually disobeyed the Islamic dress code. However, it takes time for people to understand and to have the courage to change their lifestyle. Share knowledge and encourage. Many of us were like them too - so ignorant and wasted so much valuable time, with no real direction.

When we want to help someone, be gentle and be patient. Do not judge. And some men should remember they have daughters and grandchildren who may grow up to be even worse that the ones they criticize. It would be wiser for some critics to go home to guide their own families first. That is better for them.

Who are the Women in Black?

They are from diverse backgrounds. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesswomen, wives and mothers. They too love attractive clothes and bright colours but they make constant effort to check themselves for the sake of Allah SWT.

What is their Yardstick?

Their yardstick is to ask themselves whether their actions would please Allah SWT. They ask themselves whether their behaviour is according to the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad saw.
These are truly beautiful women who carry themselves well, enjoying a moderate lifestyle.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Constantly Faced with New Challenges

Its really quite challenging to serve in an ngo (non governmental organization). First, we usually do not have much funds. Whatever we have would be spent on water, electricity, rent, maintenance, car repair, petrol, convert welfare, emergencies, Eid gathering, Iftar (breaking of fast together), classes and projects.

Need to be Creative and Resourceful
Create a Win Win Situation

Sometimes the allocation is just average. How to do uncommon things which we are only given common support? Well, we just have to be creative ,keep to our budget and to fund raise whenever possible. Sacrifices are expected and the norm. Those who can afford often dip into their own pockets to help out.

A Great Race Every Day of our Lives!

Anyway, Allah asked us in Al Quran to race with each other in doing good deeds so striving hard can be a win-win situation.

Large Organization supported by only handful of volunteers
Where is Everybody?

Secondly, many organizations may be fairly large but only a handful of people run them. They are not interested in doing everything themselves but the lack of suitable and sincere volunteers force the same people to wear different hats. That can actually cause quite a headache, literally!

Remember your Intention

Thirdly,some people are afraid of voluntary work. Some are not willing to sacrifice some time to help others and themselves. Maybe they had bad experiences or had personality differences with others in the organization. Do not give up so easily, What is our niyyah (intention) when we joined initially? To learn, to share and to serve? Or just to be served?

Who is Our Greatest Enemy?

I was reminded yesterday that Shaitan is our greatest enemy and he is always on the lookout to disrupt our brotherhood and sisterhood. We always have to ensure our good relations are not damaged due to a passing incident. Being overly sensitive, selfish, childish or self righteous may cause is to become just a little bit arrogant without realising it.

Shaitan is very clever and very subtle. He weaves all kinds of doubts and bad feelings, exeggerates the situation and makes us break bonds of brotherhood. Being overly angry is also an attribute of shaitan if the matter is something that can be rectified or if the other party indicates willingness to make peace.

Love Shall Overcome!

Our fellow Muslims have rights over us just as we have rights over them. Maintain our fellowship and be united in worship of Allah by serving all mankind. Love shall overcome!

Be Sincere, Repent and Move On....

Its so easy to fall into this trap without even knowing. I beg Allah SWT to forgive me for my past mistakes and I sincerely apologise to all my brothers and sisters for any hurt and unhappiness I may have caused them.

There are times when we did not like a certain action but we should not stop caring for that person for the sake of Allah SWT. Sometimes our response is too quick and our words too sharp. We cannot take back our words.

Yes, I have mellowed a little through the years but there is still a lot of room for improvement.... SORREEE!

Do Not be Afraid of Change

Things are not that bad all the time, people can change. Guess we have to learn to change ourselves first before expecting others to do likewise. Or just try to be patient, give and take. That takes true humility and effort.

Forgiving is Sometimes Very Hard to Do

Yes, you can try forgiving him or her. Sometimes we feel it is alright to be so hard on someone but we want Allah SWT to be lenient to us. Do we want Allah SWT to forgive us and shower His Mercy upon us?

I want to share something - forgiving frees us from all sorts of negative vibes and allows us to focus on the positive, the present moment. It allows us to enjoy our lives!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking in a Hurry

Have to cook some fish for my dad's lunch

Quick Fish Slices

Just marinade some fillets of sole with curry powder, salt and pepper
Heat the oil and place the slices in carefully. I used a large non stick pan.
The oil helps to brown the onions and spices to make it aromatic and tasty.

Slice some onions quickly and mix them in at the sides, careful not to disturb the fish.

Throw in thinly sliced capsicum, curry leaves or red and green chillies.
Anything goes!

Turn the fish to cook the other side and stir the veggies to brown evenly.
Fish is ready when slightly browned and firm to the touch.
Don't use your finger! Press with a non stick spatula, my dears!

Serve with fluffy hot rice and salad. Bread and soup would be super.
Now, isn't that real quick?

Baking Day again!

Poor Time Management
I have to bake some buttercakes today. Really too busy and too lazy to bake but this lady called over 6 times, just to adjust the time and date of picking up the cake. She is a dear friend and a lovely lady but her timing can cause me serious ulcers! She was my biggest customer as I supplied cakes to her shop.

In fact, I stopped supplying cakes to her shop because of her extremely poor time management. Her constant delays and changes affected my work, my time and peace of mind. Sometimes we cannot let money control our lives. Don't be a slave to making more money.

Just now my dear sister Nur Hana sent me a beautiful sms. I'll share it with you:

"Make your wealth into two dirhams, a dirham you spend on your families in every way you can, and a dirham that you put forward for the Hereafter (spend it in the way of Allah). The 3rd type of dirham (i.e. more wealth) will harm you and not benefit you, so do not desire it."

How so true! Allah SWT is so full of wisdom and He guides the ones who obey.

ButterCake - you either love it or you don't!

I love buttercake! On a good baking day, the cake smells of fresh eggs and vanilla, so buttery and soft and fluffy to the touch. Sometimes I feel very possessive of my freshly baked creation, grudging the fact that its meant for someone else.

Its as though I can't bake another but its true! I would be too busy or too tired to bake another one right away, unless its a baking marathon during festivals and special orders.

Cream Puffs, Anyone?

I love cream puffs too but it takes a bit of time to do so I end up buying if I have to visit a friend. But I have to bake some for myself if I feel like having some as its rather expensive and I am not satisfied with only 2 or 3....

Now you know why bakers are bakers! They love to eat and they enjoy the goodies they learned how to make. And they get them hot off the oven! This is what they mean by having the cake and getting to eat it too!!! Fantastic!

Make Your Own

Do try the cream puff recipe in the blog. Its not really difficult to do. Just need a little patience and time. And you can save a lot of money as some cream puffs and eclairs in the coffeehouse cost over RM6 a piece! That's the cost of a simple lunch at the corner shop.

My 9 inch iced Buttercake and Filipino Moist Chocolate cakes cost RM60 a piece and I have not raised the price for some time. Customers always ask whether the price has increased - that's because most goods have gone up in price.

You Can Help Others- be Considerate to your Customers
Keep on working - all rezq (wealth) comes from Allah SWT
He decides, not anyone else

This baker will try to maintain the price as long as she can - she loves to eat out and knows how expensive it costs to feed a family of five! Cakes and eclairs are luxuries - people can survive without them for the next 100 years!

I Love Cake!

But I know I can't! I love delicious Carrot cakes and Pavlovas, French fruit tarts, eggless and halal Tiramisu, Cheesecake with strawberries and Savaroffs - buttery and delicate biscuits with strawberry preserves in the center! Yummmm!!!!
Pineapple Tarts, anyone?

Maybe one day I will post some photos to show you what I mean. Well, let me learn how to use the camera first....

Enjoy Your Life

How to Enjoy Your Life

How to enjoy one's life? There are plenty of ways to achieve joy. One simple way is by being ready to appreciate all of Allah SWT's blessings that come your way. In a way even a routine lifestyle is still a blessing for we may not be able to deal with an upheaveal in our lives.

Or perhaps life had been so comfortable and secure that even good things have become just a predictable routine and even a routine is no longer appreciated.

Looking Out of Your Window

Ever looked out your window and suddenly catch the glorious sunset? Or the flight of birds at dawn?

Despite life's occasional toils and troubles we have been blessed with lots of beautiful memories of joy which may have faded due to our preoccupation with chasing worldly pleasures.

Blessings from our Creator

We simply cannot equate wealth and worldly prestige with life's simple joys and pleasures. Such joys are usually related to experiences that touch our hearts and minds. Our inner consciousness will always relate and respond to blessings from our Creator.

Pleasure in the Simplest Things

Thats why we find great pleasure in enjoying fresh morning air, the purifying rain and beautiful flowers in bloom.

We Must Slow Down to Enjoy Life

When we are too busy, we just go through the motions of eat, work, stress, sleep, eat, work..... have we really been living? What is life all about? We care for the body - with good nutrients, spas, flashy cars, luxury homes.... do we make time to nourish our own soul?

Sura 55 Ar-Rahman (The Most Gracious)
Which of the Blessings of your Lord will you deny?

Everyday Mercies from Allah SWT

We find peace and joy when our soul is in harmony with our thoughts and emotions. There is so much joy in life's simplest pleasure like the flutter of fireflies, walking on the beach and enjoying all sorts of fruits and herbs from the earth.

What Do We Value More?

What do we truly treasure? Something sophisticated and high tech? Or the abundant gifts that come free of charge from Allah Almighty? That actually means His mercies are truly priceless!

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

If we reflect about all the blessings we already have, we may realise we had been happy but did not even recognise it. Does that make sense?It does to me now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

IFF 2010 Press Conference at Hotel JW Marriot KL

Islamic Fashion Festival Charity Fund Raising Events (IFF)
General Press Conference

I was recently invited to attend an IFF press conference.

It was a very interesting mix of celebrities, royals, generous sponsors, the press, distinguished guests and last but not least, dedicated support staff and creative people. All of them were there to perform ibadah (service to Allah SWT) to raise funds for various charities in the country.

It was really a informative to be briefed about the great work carried out by many of the people in the room. People from diverse backgrounds, race and religion.

Even Islamic ngos were given the opportunity to raise funds for their various organisations by selling tickets for the IFF events. This is a very generous and caring gesture by the organiser as Islamic organisations are often neglected by many large corporations.

Why the Neglect and Oversight?

Maybe the Islamic ngo volunteers and staff are deemed to be a serious lot, plain and unglamourous! Some companies may be more interested in a higher profile and some interest generating publicity. Some glamour may spice up their image - probably so too!

Perhaps the general perception of people may be true - people from Islamic ngos are somewhat too serious and dedicated in their work. They serve Allah SWT by helping mankind and take the duty of Khalifah (vicegerent on this earth) very seriously.These people may have no time to relax or enjoy life like others.

True, to a certain extent. That is only a perception.

Getting to Know the True Muslim NGO Volunteer

Some people may even think these volunteers are a fanatic lot, conservative and old fashioned. That is like putting all the eggs in one basket!

When you get to know a volunteer or daawah officer or even an ordinary member, he or she is also a parent, a sister, a brother, a friend. Their lives are also peppered with ups and downs, joys and tears, just like yours. And they definitely know how to enjoy themselves! Especially so if Allah SWT is pleased with the individuals - they may get good of this world and good of the Hereafter. Great rewards await humble servants of Allah!

Who is a Servant of Allah?

Anyone can chose to be a servant of Allah SWT. It starts with your intention.

A servant of Allah is one who spends his life, his time, his wealth, his energy in the service of Allah SWT. Sometimes he cannot do all but its fine to start with what is achievable.

He serves and he is certain of the promise of Allah to his humble servants. It is a most honorable position in Islam, so do not be afraid of the word 'servant'. I used to be a little confused about the term too.

Be proud to be one and be patient in serving Him. Being a slave of Allah means we are on the right path, the path to salvation and Paradise.

Some of them are writers, architects, tour leaders, restaurant owners, doctors, lecturers, motivators and also interior designers. I know someone who loves trekking and mountain climbing - she is a Muslima! Surely people from such diverse backgrounds cannot be that dull or boring!

They just love to serve Allah SWT and one way is to be useful to people, as that is full of blessings!

Ngo Activities
Who Do We Help?

Muslim ngos are involved in convert welfare and that includes helping the families of converts. These people are usually referred cases and some join because they wanted to learn more about Islam. Many Muslims come for counselling - marriage, marital problems, conversion, family problems, illness and financial difficulties. Some did not have proper guidance and face problems of faith and patience when faced with challenges. They all need attention, support, understanding and help of some sort.

Who Receives Assistance and Who is Rejected?

There are times we are forced to select whom to offer assistance due to lack of funding. Its really sad as the one who failed to get help may become disillusioned and turn to other offers of assistance from people who may have a negative influence on them.