Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friendship and Keeping in Touch

Seems like just only yesterday! True, the human mind can retain pieces of information and retrieve it instantly much of the time. In fact its common to forget current events and yet retain important information that happened even 30 to 40 years ago!

Lost and Found!

Yesterday I got in touch with a very dear and long lost friend and sister in Iman. We reconnected instantly, just like we only left each other yesterday! I can still remember her laughter, her kindness, motivation and of course her cooking! Mmmm... I still remember how to make her delicious bread pudding! The way it puffed up, piping hot from the oven. Best eaten when it fresh and hot!

Straight from the Heart

I always seem to eat more when I'm having a meal at a friend's home. Home cooking is always best and most wholesome - why? Because it straight from the heart - right to our tummies! :)
In fact my cooking improved a lot as I would try out the dishes at home so my family could enjoy them too!

Things to do :
If you are too busy to send a real card, send your friend a virtual card to tell you you miss her and appreciate her.
Or just sms her to say hello.
I remember her in my prayers and make duaa (supplication) for her and her family.
We sometimes need to be more spontaneous as we tend to procrastinate when we want to do it 'properly' and then it never gets done...

Love your Friends for Allah SWT's Sake

Tell your dear friends you love them for the Allah SWT's sake. That's the best kind of love as we will insha Allah be reminded and motivated to be sincere, caring and humble in our relationship.

I feel so Blessed!

I feel so blessed to have known so many wonderful dear friends. Always in each other's hearts, insha Allah. May Allah SWT bless them and their loved ones and keep them safe and in His path.

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