Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baking Day again!

Poor Time Management
I have to bake some buttercakes today. Really too busy and too lazy to bake but this lady called over 6 times, just to adjust the time and date of picking up the cake. She is a dear friend and a lovely lady but her timing can cause me serious ulcers! She was my biggest customer as I supplied cakes to her shop.

In fact, I stopped supplying cakes to her shop because of her extremely poor time management. Her constant delays and changes affected my work, my time and peace of mind. Sometimes we cannot let money control our lives. Don't be a slave to making more money.

Just now my dear sister Nur Hana sent me a beautiful sms. I'll share it with you:

"Make your wealth into two dirhams, a dirham you spend on your families in every way you can, and a dirham that you put forward for the Hereafter (spend it in the way of Allah). The 3rd type of dirham (i.e. more wealth) will harm you and not benefit you, so do not desire it."

How so true! Allah SWT is so full of wisdom and He guides the ones who obey.

ButterCake - you either love it or you don't!

I love buttercake! On a good baking day, the cake smells of fresh eggs and vanilla, so buttery and soft and fluffy to the touch. Sometimes I feel very possessive of my freshly baked creation, grudging the fact that its meant for someone else.

Its as though I can't bake another but its true! I would be too busy or too tired to bake another one right away, unless its a baking marathon during festivals and special orders.

Cream Puffs, Anyone?

I love cream puffs too but it takes a bit of time to do so I end up buying if I have to visit a friend. But I have to bake some for myself if I feel like having some as its rather expensive and I am not satisfied with only 2 or 3....

Now you know why bakers are bakers! They love to eat and they enjoy the goodies they learned how to make. And they get them hot off the oven! This is what they mean by having the cake and getting to eat it too!!! Fantastic!

Make Your Own

Do try the cream puff recipe in the blog. Its not really difficult to do. Just need a little patience and time. And you can save a lot of money as some cream puffs and eclairs in the coffeehouse cost over RM6 a piece! That's the cost of a simple lunch at the corner shop.

My 9 inch iced Buttercake and Filipino Moist Chocolate cakes cost RM60 a piece and I have not raised the price for some time. Customers always ask whether the price has increased - that's because most goods have gone up in price.

You Can Help Others- be Considerate to your Customers
Keep on working - all rezq (wealth) comes from Allah SWT
He decides, not anyone else

This baker will try to maintain the price as long as she can - she loves to eat out and knows how expensive it costs to feed a family of five! Cakes and eclairs are luxuries - people can survive without them for the next 100 years!

I Love Cake!

But I know I can't! I love delicious Carrot cakes and Pavlovas, French fruit tarts, eggless and halal Tiramisu, Cheesecake with strawberries and Savaroffs - buttery and delicate biscuits with strawberry preserves in the center! Yummmm!!!!
Pineapple Tarts, anyone?

Maybe one day I will post some photos to show you what I mean. Well, let me learn how to use the camera first....

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