Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eidul Adha

Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minkum. May Allaah SWT accept from you and from us, our good deeds. Eid Mubarak.

Alhamdulillah Muslims all over the world celebrated this very special day (Hari Raya Haji) with joy and peace. We did not break our fast until after Eid prayers, unlike Eidul Fitri, (Hari Raya Puasa) where we will have a light breakfast before going for solat jemaah (congregational prayers).

Great Buffet Breakfast

We were ravenous when we left the masjid and had a wonderful buffet breakfast at a hotel nearby.Great selection and as with buffets, we can only choose what we like as we should not overeat. That would be harming ourselves actually.

This year only few of us made it to the same masjid. Some of my friends have gone for Haj and it must be such an emotional and satisfying journey for them.

Journey of a Lifetime

A journey of a lifetime!Dear brothers and sisters, may Allah SWT accept your pilgrimage and accept all your duaas (supplications) and ibadah (worship).

During Eidul Fitri many of us managed to meet at the masjid and adjourned to visit the homes of some of our members. It was certainly more interesting to be invited to the homes of our friends and to sample their very delicious food!

Volunteers have no day off!

I was disappointed to miss seeing some sisters whom I had promised to visit.Voluntary work has no day off! That's what makes voluntary work interesting and so very challenging!

Convert Support
Honour our Parents

We had to visit a new sister whose mother is rather uncomfortable and unhappy with the new developments. Actually we need to be very sensitive to their feelings and assure them that as Muslims, the parents are to be honoured and loved. We have to work hard to make them realise that Islam encourages us to be better children and better citizens.

Do what we can and leave the rest to Allah

And voluntary work is satisfying when we have done our part - even though we do not always succeed in our attempts to assist or help others. After all, we can only do our part and leave the rest to Allah SWT. He knows best.

Missing Mom

Now that my mother is no longer around, I miss her much, especially during Eid. This year I did not prepare anything very special but celebrated with friends. May Allah SWT forgive her sins and give her the highest Jannah (Paradise). I thank Allah SWT for making her my mother!

Never Stop Making Duaa

We must never stop making duaa for our parents, families and friends and the ummah (Muslim community worldwide). Duaas are very powerful.

Eidul Adha is Important and Significant

Many people somehow do not consider Eidul Adha as priority and do not do much to celebrate the day befitting the occasion. They treat it as a private family affair and take a break from hectic pace of daily work. However they sometimes celebrate Eidul Fitri for over a whole month, with open houses almost every weekends - we were sometimes invited to several homes in a day. Strange but true!

It isn't a complaint but sometimes it even became difficult to please everyone as there isn't sufficient time to visit every home and we certainly could not eat that much.

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