Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Constantly Faced with New Challenges

Its really quite challenging to serve in an ngo (non governmental organization). First, we usually do not have much funds. Whatever we have would be spent on water, electricity, rent, maintenance, car repair, petrol, convert welfare, emergencies, Eid gathering, Iftar (breaking of fast together), classes and projects.

Need to be Creative and Resourceful
Create a Win Win Situation

Sometimes the allocation is just average. How to do uncommon things which we are only given common support? Well, we just have to be creative ,keep to our budget and to fund raise whenever possible. Sacrifices are expected and the norm. Those who can afford often dip into their own pockets to help out.

A Great Race Every Day of our Lives!

Anyway, Allah asked us in Al Quran to race with each other in doing good deeds so striving hard can be a win-win situation.

Large Organization supported by only handful of volunteers
Where is Everybody?

Secondly, many organizations may be fairly large but only a handful of people run them. They are not interested in doing everything themselves but the lack of suitable and sincere volunteers force the same people to wear different hats. That can actually cause quite a headache, literally!

Remember your Intention

Thirdly,some people are afraid of voluntary work. Some are not willing to sacrifice some time to help others and themselves. Maybe they had bad experiences or had personality differences with others in the organization. Do not give up so easily, What is our niyyah (intention) when we joined initially? To learn, to share and to serve? Or just to be served?

Who is Our Greatest Enemy?

I was reminded yesterday that Shaitan is our greatest enemy and he is always on the lookout to disrupt our brotherhood and sisterhood. We always have to ensure our good relations are not damaged due to a passing incident. Being overly sensitive, selfish, childish or self righteous may cause is to become just a little bit arrogant without realising it.

Shaitan is very clever and very subtle. He weaves all kinds of doubts and bad feelings, exeggerates the situation and makes us break bonds of brotherhood. Being overly angry is also an attribute of shaitan if the matter is something that can be rectified or if the other party indicates willingness to make peace.

Love Shall Overcome!

Our fellow Muslims have rights over us just as we have rights over them. Maintain our fellowship and be united in worship of Allah by serving all mankind. Love shall overcome!

Be Sincere, Repent and Move On....

Its so easy to fall into this trap without even knowing. I beg Allah SWT to forgive me for my past mistakes and I sincerely apologise to all my brothers and sisters for any hurt and unhappiness I may have caused them.

There are times when we did not like a certain action but we should not stop caring for that person for the sake of Allah SWT. Sometimes our response is too quick and our words too sharp. We cannot take back our words.

Yes, I have mellowed a little through the years but there is still a lot of room for improvement.... SORREEE!

Do Not be Afraid of Change

Things are not that bad all the time, people can change. Guess we have to learn to change ourselves first before expecting others to do likewise. Or just try to be patient, give and take. That takes true humility and effort.

Forgiving is Sometimes Very Hard to Do

Yes, you can try forgiving him or her. Sometimes we feel it is alright to be so hard on someone but we want Allah SWT to be lenient to us. Do we want Allah SWT to forgive us and shower His Mercy upon us?

I want to share something - forgiving frees us from all sorts of negative vibes and allows us to focus on the positive, the present moment. It allows us to enjoy our lives!

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