Monday, June 14, 2010

Loving Each Other for the sake of Allah

Muslims are supposed to maintain cordial relations with people around us. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and also to extend cordial relations with the community and last but not least, to keep good relations with the world at large.

We are reminded to patient and fight only in self defense. Muslims are not aggressive in their manner but are reminded prepared to strive for justice and honour when necessary.

Do we have to care for one another?

How do we manage these affairs on a more personal level? We are told to care for each other in good times as well as in bad times. Every Muslim is part of the ummah - locally and universally.

Even Friends can Differ

Sometimes even friends cannot see eye to eye. Ideas and perceptions differ and priorities may vary extremely. When one is caught in the middle of a sticky situation, how do we extricate ourselves from the mess? Do we run away and leave them to slug it out? Not everyone handle differences civilly or with respect and restrain.

Mistakes are Learning Experiences

When upset many people say and do foolish things. No necessity to look too far - we only need to look at ourselves. We had been there, done that.... Yes, many of us did some real dumb things before. We take that as a learning experience to improve ourselves.

We are not always better than others but we can always strive to become better. People fight over all sorts of reasons. Some are trivial enough while others may have good and valid reason to become upset.

How do we help people who are still smarting from some sharp words or indulging in some destructive and useless self pity? And what about people who uttered some hurting remarks and do not seem to feel even a little ashamed of it? Sometimes we may think we are better than others. May Allah forgive us!

Healthy Diet - fresh food vs processed nutrition blends

Healthy Diet - do we try to count the calories or concentrate on nutritious food?

Some people claim we have to reduce our eating and should take some healthy meal substitutes that provide the necessary nutrition.

Processed vs Natural Real Foods

Others say we should not depend on processed 'nutrition' but go for quality fresh foods. The only kind of supplement we should use are natural ones - like virgin coconut oil, flax seed, magnesium oil, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, olive oil and so on...

Quality Food Supplements may be Costly

Being so very busy rushing around daily, many people resort to the easy way out - very expensive quality food supplements and food replacement plans. The sales personnel will try their best to convince you that's the best way to keep fit and healthy.

While this may be helpful for some people, are they not missing on enjoying some real food that's provided for us by our Creator..

Simple and Quick Cooking Methods can Save the Day

If we choose quality fresh food and prepare them in a simple way it is not only superior to processed supplements but its definitely more tasty and satisfying.

Ever Heard of Steaming and Stir Fry?

We can control the calories by avoiding too much fried foods, high sugar foods and using good oils that are healthy for us. Olive oil is high recommended especially for salads and light cooking. Virgin coconut oil is rich in enzymes and will not make us put on weight. Palm Oil has no cholesterol and good for frying as it is relatively stable and neutral in taste.

Steaming food such as seafood, vegetables and even chicken is quick and simple, easy to clean up and easy to digest.

It may be convenient to drink a large glass of blended processed nutrients but wouldn't a glass of fresh juice or smoothie be more of a treat? Who would like to have a tropical fruit smoothie instead of a reconstituted flavoured shake that comes out of a cardboard cylinder?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats! You either love them or hate them! Better to love than hate.

Muslims do not have to dislike dogs just because we are not allowed to keep them as pets. They make good guard dogs - ever tried using a cat or parakeet to guard your farm? All animals are Allah's creations.We are carers of the environment as Khalifah of Allah. (Vicegerent on Earth).

Even if You do not Love Them, do not Harm Them

Some people get so paranoid that the fear sometimes turn to hate. They pass this fear to their children by their speech and actions.

How to 'Purify' a Utensil licked by a Dog

Should a dog lick a plate or utensil meant for food, the plate has to be 'purified' or 'samak' by washing it with clay and rinsed a total of 7 times with clean water. In fact this purification applies only to dogs and not even pigs.

Many Animals are Victims of Society

Not all dogs are bad - some strays attack people maybe because people attack them all the time. Sometimes owners abandon them when they move out. Many strays are ill, hungry and unloved, taunted and hated. Do you expect them to love you in return?

Bad Cat! So Greedy!

A friend mentioned that she beat the house cat when it stole the fish meant for dinner. Bad cat! So greedy! I gently reminded her - a cat is an animal.

It cannot go to work or go into a shop to buy his own fish. It depends solely on the kindness of human beings who share the same planet with them. When a cat is hungry, it looks for food.

It didn't deserve to be punished! Humans sometimes expect animals to think and behave like them. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) she understood and became very kind, patient and generous to her furry friends.

Easy to Do Charity Daily

Why not feed the hungry and starving animals? Its charity every day. Does it feel good to enjoy all your meals knowing the strays are wondering when their next meal may come?

Every deed, big or small will be recorded by the malaikah (angels) as good deeds.

Time Does Really Fly!!!

Time Does Really Fly!!!

Time is simply fleeting... very quickly. If we do not make use of our time carefully, its gone - just like that! I used to grow up hearing adults talking about being bored, having nothing to do, playing cards or some useless games just to 'pass time".

Kill Time?
These days my reaction would be "WHAT?" Kill Time? Do you know you are actually wasting your life away on some useless and unsatisfying activity, all in the name of passing time?

Angel of Death waits for no one
Time is one of the most precious commodites that we may take for granted. We need to value it and use it very carefully. When the Angel of Death comes to take our souls, he will not delay even one minute and not even one second! We can never get even half a day to return to our worldly life to make good our promises to our Creator, to others and to ourselves.

Feeling Lazy?
Of course there are moments where we feel lazy or under the weather. Use these moments to relax and revitalise ourselves. Read a good book, write some letters or catch up on your hobby. Even a mid morning nap after a busy morning is fine as it gives us extra energy to get more out of our day.

Be Moderate in all things
Valuing time does not mean not taking a break or pushing ourselves till we drop. We need to be moderate - take care of our interests, our work, our responsibilities and our spiritual commitments. And make time for rest, recreation and regular exercise to maintain good health. Make time to take care of our body and soul.

Having said all that, I too must re prioritize my activities as we do sometimes get caught up in some unexpected events and have to refocus ourselves to make best use of our life and our time.