Monday, June 14, 2010

Loving Each Other for the sake of Allah

Muslims are supposed to maintain cordial relations with people around us. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and also to extend cordial relations with the community and last but not least, to keep good relations with the world at large.

We are reminded to patient and fight only in self defense. Muslims are not aggressive in their manner but are reminded prepared to strive for justice and honour when necessary.

Do we have to care for one another?

How do we manage these affairs on a more personal level? We are told to care for each other in good times as well as in bad times. Every Muslim is part of the ummah - locally and universally.

Even Friends can Differ

Sometimes even friends cannot see eye to eye. Ideas and perceptions differ and priorities may vary extremely. When one is caught in the middle of a sticky situation, how do we extricate ourselves from the mess? Do we run away and leave them to slug it out? Not everyone handle differences civilly or with respect and restrain.

Mistakes are Learning Experiences

When upset many people say and do foolish things. No necessity to look too far - we only need to look at ourselves. We had been there, done that.... Yes, many of us did some real dumb things before. We take that as a learning experience to improve ourselves.

We are not always better than others but we can always strive to become better. People fight over all sorts of reasons. Some are trivial enough while others may have good and valid reason to become upset.

How do we help people who are still smarting from some sharp words or indulging in some destructive and useless self pity? And what about people who uttered some hurting remarks and do not seem to feel even a little ashamed of it? Sometimes we may think we are better than others. May Allah forgive us!

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