Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Salams Friends - Good to back again!

Major Changes in My Life

Time just whizzed past at an astonishing speed! Between June and October I managed to sell my home, relocated myself to a more convenient place, bought myself a car, completed my book that took ages to write and unpacking almost done! Just too many books to sort out - so hard to throw them out! They are some of my best companions.

I love some of my old clothes too. I still wear my favorites though some are really rather old! Still look good and really comfortable. Go for quality. I trim my wardrobe often as space is limited.

Sharing Preloved Clothes and Possessions

I like to share my clothes. People share their clothes with me too. Why hang on to clothes which we seldom use? We may still love them and treasure some extra sentimental pieces but what good will that do? It only takes up precious space and deprive others of enjoying them. I do keep some special pieces but if we enjoy buying new clothes all year round, its time for them to find a new home.

Preloved clothes are as good as any new ones. After a few washes, new ones too will be considered preloved. So share them with your friends and they in turn can share them with others.

There is no shame or embarassment in accepting preloved clothes. Feel complimented that your friend has chosen you to share her clothes. I tell them to pass them on if the clothes are not their size or taste. Do not be sensitive if they do not wear them. Do you like to be pressured to wear clothes that you feel do not suit you? The only problem is some friends greedily accept your clothes, never wear them and never gave them to others. They hoard their clothes and continue to hoard yours too! Solution - never share anything else with them anymore until they learn how to share!

Be Gracious and Humble

For the recepient, be polite and accept the clothes graciously. Do not feel offended or too proud to accept a kind offer. I like it when people give me their nice clothes. I love them for it. And its also an opportunity to be humble.

Some people feel they are too good to wear preloved clothes. You won't be offered any if the owner does not like you. I for one would not want someone I dislike to wear my clothes. I'd rather send them to a charity box by the roadside.

Give Only the Good Stuff

Remember, do not give away clothes that need mending; fix the buttons, wash, press and pack them neatly if you have the time. Do not give your friends or even strangers worn out, ugly and outdated clothes. Only the good stuff.

Respect Others

Do not think its alright to treat your dear friend with disrespect and expect her to be happy to accept our 'awful discards'. She may well decide to discard you in return for your unkind and insulting treatment.

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