Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Feel so Very Blessed!

Sister Jamilah Samian and Zabrina Abu Bakar
2 Inspiring Writers in our midst!

Alhamdulillah! I really feel blessed to have met 2 very well known Muslimah writers! Sister Jamilah Samian is no stranger to parents of young children. She has a wealth of knowledge on how to understand and raise our children in a caring, productive and spiritual manner. And I enjoy listening to her talks as she shared insights and advice on how to bring the best out of our children.

I met sister Zabrina Abu Bakar on several occasions. She too,is also an active volunteer in ngo activities. She may not remember me as we didn't have much time to talk but I looked forward to meeting her again.

Sisters Writing Support Group

I told sister Jamila how nice it would be if sisters can meet to discuss ideas and support and motivate each other to produce more meaningful and quality books. Being relatively new I would certainly value some tips from our seasoned writers.

Please, Everybody - Start Writing!

In fact I encourage everyone to write. It is very addictive and satisfying. We try to share our thoughts, ideas and knowledge through a string of words..... sometimes the flow of words end in an interesting and unexpected twist. I occasionally surprise myself that I could suddenly think of a powerful phrase or idea. Subhan Allah! The Almighty sends help and inspiration when we sometimes hit a writer's block!

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