Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy ChildhoodTeaTime Memories

Waiting for the cake timer to ring. The buttercakes are almost done now. I generally know when its almost ready - buttery and vanilla fragrance is wafting right into the living room. Mmmmm.... feels so good because it brings back the memories of childhood. Mom would be baking and we would be eagerly anticipating a delicious tea spread. It wasn't everyday that we would get to have pancakes, waffles and cupcakes. Sometimes its just some hot Milo and cream crackers or some butter cookies.

Mom's Cooking is Best!

Children always think mom's cooking is the best ever! Do you agree with that? I do, as none of us can ever cook as well as she did. If you have a favourite dish, do not take it for granted that you will eventually learn how to do it someday. And its a great way to introduce mom to the younger generation who may find it hard to imagine grandma.

Honour our Parents and the Elderly

Honour our parents and the elderly while they are still with us. Do not have regrets that you couldn't find time to be with them. They made time for us for many many years, from birth to adulthood. What do you mean when you say you do not have time to visit or attend to their needs? We usually find time to have coffee and maybe even take a short holiday with friends. Make time for people you love and who will always love you in return.

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