Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Counting my blessings

Alhamdulillah my son is not interested in branded goods and fancy gadgets. Many designer goods are indeed of good design and quality but a little above our average budget, even if its tax free. The sole distributor may end up making more profit after the sales tax is abolished. Anyway, that's why we are in business!

Not Fussy so long clothes are comfortable

He wears anything given to him, from designer clothes, hand me downs, from bargain bins to Rm5 ones from a charity sale. Sure, he enjoys upgrading his computer and laptop, who doesn't? But I do not have to keep on buying him expensive designer shirts and bags, shoes and accessories like some parents I know. I buy them for myself as I work hard so if the price is right, I may think about it.... We only generally indulge in activities like good company, buying books and eating well. Not exactly healthy to eat out though we like it too, but I do try to cook wholesome meals whenever I have time.

Sacrificing our own Needs

Today I'm expecting delivery of some furniture and do hope they will fit well into his room. Fell in love with some rustic wooden items in a shop. Actually I should be using the cash to purchase the bookcases I need.

Son is really quite an independent person. He seldom ever requests for extravagant personal items and makes do with whatever is available. In fact I'm really thankful he is not like some pretentious kid who wants exactly what his peers have. Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah) he is not a follower.

Acknowledging and Appreciating our Children

So, for all his good deeds and patience, I want to thank him and surprise him by upgrading his room - long overdue as he is already 21.

Make Duaa for your Family all the time

Im not asking for an A student or a perfect son. I make duaa (supplications) to Allah SWT to give me a son who is soleh (pious). We have to keep asking if we need Allah's help. "Ya Allah, please keep our faith (iman) strong and let us live as a Muslims and die as Muslims".Ameen.

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