Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trying tro go non gluten and falling for Keto

I am trying to steer towards more wholesome foods the past few months.  I do love some of my own cakes and pies that I sell sometimes but I am now trying to keep my food as non gluten as possible.  Its not been easy as I also love some traditional food that contain a lot of carbohydrates.  Well, did try to substitute the noodles with shirataki but its rather tasteless and springy.  However I found out that it is a probiotic and aids with digestion.
These days I do try to replace wheat flour with buckwheat, coconut flour and almond flour.  However we are so used to the taste and texture of crusty and crumbly buttered pastries.  Chicken pie, white bread and apple pie will never ever taste the same.

After buying all the alternative flours such as oat bran, millet, buckwheat, arrowroot, brown rice flour and  barley flour our health reset class moved rapidly to a newer challenge.  I was not ready for that.  But it was intriguing and I wanted to find out if I could do it.  After all, others were taking the challenge.  I did not want to miss anything!

Another reason was I discovered I was insulin intolerant.  Several members of my framily were diabetic.  They needed to swallow all sorts of pills and had different health issues.  Despite being declared safe from diabetes,   I decided to start checking my blood glucose level several times daily.  This was needed to establish the patterns and to identify which particular food would spike our sugar level.  Being 6 is not so good after all.  its good to have below 5.5 reading but if you go to the clinic, sometimes the nurse would tell us 6.5 is borderline.  Its false security.  6.5 is not good anymore!

Naturally the blood glucose may go up to 8.5 after a meal, especially if we ate carbohydrates like white rice and breads.  Or had a sweet teh tarik or cafe latte!  Young people do not have to worry too much because they are still resilient and are more active.  Lots of exercise and having enough sleep will help a lot.  I never had blood glucose problems until the past 2 years.

 I suspect I am gluten intolerant.  Many people do not know and they happily stuff their faces with all sorts of white poison.  Its easy to actually end up eating fried bihun for breakfast,  nasi kerabu for lunch and white rice with fish and vegetables for dinner. That is considered rather normal even now.

 Soto, mee rebus, laksam, mee kari, laksam, crusty sandwiches and pasta... all these are carbohydrates.  Such dishes have little vegetables and protein.  We sometimes do not have a balanced diet.  And some desserts like macaroons,  pavlova and syrup laden baklavas make a literal kill if we eat it every day.  Actually I love noodles and rice but have to be restrained from now on. We can still eat in moderation but definitely not gluten 3 times a day.

Enough about poor health.  Lets see what we can do to have better health.  Eating nutritious food, have enough rest, exercise like spontaneous bursting exercise movements for 2 minutes a few times a day is easy and fun.  It does not take up much time as I do not like to run outside to be greeted with exhaust fumes and crazy drivers.  The park if beautiful but its not exactly a tranquil setting at 8am or 5pm.  Overcrowded!

Remember, lots of vegetables for cell renewal, 20 percent protein; do not overeat that.  And eat and cook with only good fats, like quality olive oil, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, pure butter, grass fed even better.  Sesame oil, walnut oil, macadamia oils are good.  Please avoid canola, rapeseed oil, corn oil and vegetble oil.   Pure palm oil if better if you wish to deep fry food.  And please avoid BBQ as the burnt parts look extremely tasty but they can cause cancer.  We just do what we can and tawakkal to Allah. 

This is just a general reminder.  One should take the trouble to do some  research to verify.  One last reminder is try your best to give up sugar as it damages our organs and cause stress to the body. I will not refuse a sweet treat once a while but no indulget 3 times a day.  It will add up to perhaps 10 or more teaspoons of sugar daily.  Help!!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beautiful Holiday in Sabah with my sisters

I had been preoccupied with others matters the past year. In fact  the blog passed my mind a few times but I got caught up in so many different issues that it slipped my mind.

It had been a temendous year.  People say tremendous when many what they presume great things had happened to them in that time.

  To me nothing overly grand but to me it was equally tremendous! 
 First I am thankful that my Darul Fitrah sisters had the golden opportunity to travel to Sabah together for a truly bonding holiday.  I think the name Sabah already evokes magnificent sunsets, especially at the Tip of Borneo and very clean clear water at the beach.  We even had the chance to visit the Rainforest and spent the night there.  Climbing up to the waterfall where we faced double rainbow was a rare privilege for me,
Alhamdulillah x 1000 times and more!

 It was indeed a very rare treat.  Wished other sisters could make it but that was qadr Allah.  Insha Allah we can go for another trip together, in a larger group in future.
Will try to post some beautiful photos to illustrate the beauty of Sabah.

Tests and Trials anyplace, anytime

The jouney was not without tests and trials from Allah.  Not easy to organise and satisfy everyone for 6 days, crammed many hours in a van driving long distances from point to point, staying one night in every destination.

 In fact we were already tested when we reached KK at the airport.

Our van did not show up!  How awful was that?  But common sense and patience prevailed and we were determined to have a successful holiday with or without the van we paid for.  In the end we found a slightly smaller van which was a little testy but Allah blessed us with a great driver and a van in  tip top condition.  I was  rather worried with all the climbing uphill, bearing 9 people and definitely more luggage.

We did it!  Had a lovely time and had a few narrow escapes on the road.  Alhamdulillah we were blessed with a safe journey to every place we visited.  The seafood was abundant and we really enjoyed the food there. 

At one of two places we felt some strangeness but we armed ourselves with all the doas and prayers for a safe night's sleep at the various hostels and hotels. Always remember to ask for Allah's protection and try our best to sleep with confidence.  I did have some issues with all the pillows I met.  Its my own neck that was the problem.  The only solution was to bring my own, which as out of the question.

Sometimes strange things can happen in broad daylight so do not worry too much when you sleep at night. I had a strange encounter at fajr but I was not too worried.  Because the voice said the doa for Allah to protect us from shaitan.  I did not tell anyone at that time because its better to let sleeping dogs lie. Just be shukr to Allah.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Allah sends help when it is most needed


Suffering and Hardship is Purification

Purification of our soul is a Mercy from The Creator.  How else can we prepare ourselves for our journey back to Him, to the place where our Prophet Adam once lived?  Allah always want the best for us but His tests may be severe and harsh if we look at them from the surface.  He assures us that man will never be burdened by more than we can bear.  If we lose our lives during these trials that was already written for us.  We all have to return to Him.  Let us always pray for a good ending, always as a believer.

Only believers have the right to enter Paradise/Jannah.  For those who do not know Islam Allah will give them a final opportunity on Judgement Day.  He would test them and in the end it will be their own choice to believe or not. If people know about Islam, they need to submit and accept Islam or disbelieve.  Those who want Paradise will submit and believe in the Oneness of Allah.  They will believe in the Prophets and that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final Prophet.

 Allah forgives all who repent and do not commit shirk. Believe in only Allah and no other.  There is no diety worthy of worship except Allah and Prophet Muhammad saw is His Messenger. Do not let anything become more important than Allah.  It can be our wealth, our children, our property and even our beloved hobbies and friends.  All these can become a hindrance or punishment to us on the Day of Judgement.

 Indeed the help of Allah is always near

Some may say why some people suffered and some even lost their lives if we always say the help of Allah is always near?  We need to learn to love and trust in Allah's judgement and decree. What is fair may not always be good for us.  What is foul may indeed be fair if we know the reason and the result of our hardship.

We are often reminded that Allah tests us with trials of hardship and difficulty.  We may not like to be tested.  No one does.  Yet it is through tests and trials that we are forced to go forward, to face the challenges.  To bear hardship with patience and quiet dignity.  To continue to strive though everything seems bleak.

All of us face  hardship at different times of our lives.  Despite the worry, heartache, anger, grief and fear we must remain steadfast.  Hardship cannot go on forever.  After hardship comes ease. To some, death may be the ease because Allah takes them away from their suffering.  When we are steadfast and keep repenting and improving ourselves,  we are in process of purification. To keep our faith and to be patient in times of adversity brings great rewards though we cannot feel or see them. Do you know how many people a martyr can choose to enter Paradise with him?

 No one can help or harm us anymore.  The angels have recorded all our good as well as evil deeds.Those who were steadfast and faithful look forward to meeting with Allah.

All Believers will face tests.

I too had many tests since returning from Haj.  On Mt Arafah  all pilgrims cried and pleaded with Allah SWT to forgive our many sins and to help us become better Muslims.  To be better worshippers who served only Him alone.  Our trials of purification began the time we made the intention to go for Haj or umrah.  The test is even more upon our return.  This is one sure way to become cloer to Allah.  Depend only on Him for our survival. for our very existence. Be patient.  Try to  submit and  be humble.

 When life is really hard and we are feeling crushed, Allah sends help!  We will find friends who are willing to sacrifice what they love in order to help alleviate our own difficulty.  They are willing to give us part of their earnings and even motivate us to carry on.  Even strangers come forward to offer help and friendship.  Sometimes we are treated much better than we actually deserve.  They all did it for the sake of Allah.  They love Allah and are willing to go the extra mile to seek His pleasure.

Indeed the help of Allah is always near. 

Major Changes

Fast Forward

Its already November 2015!

Major Changes

Alhamdulillah! Many interesting events took place the past 2 years.  One major decision was to change my focus from clothes to books.  Yes I decided to take a break from designing and selling clothes.  Most of the time I was selling clothes which was quite interesting and challenging. However I was not of much help when it came to typing and counting and stock taking.  It was still a good experience.

I still love writing, drawing and designing. I love to encourage people to dress modestly and ethnically.  We can maintain our our identity. We changed our religion, not our race.  There is no conflict.

 I have not given it up.  Just taking a long break to sort out my own priorities.  I want to travel a bit when my son completes his studies. He can continue with his Masters degree later.  I prefer to travel with mahram.
Amaed and Muslim Apparel

 I had spent over two years as Head of Biro Agama in AMAED.  It is a very interesting ngo consisting of Muslima apparel designers who are very talented and hardworking.  They design, market, run around for meetings and purchasing of fabrics as well as arrange for the stitching of their products.  It is most challenging as the clothes have to meet shariah compliance.  Our designers take part in international fashion shows to promote their clothes and educate the public.


 It is not all fun and glamour.  It is very challenging to ensure all designers not only understand the concept of fully shariah compliant designs.  They have to respect laws laid down by Allah SWT and not be afraid to lose out to those who service the  non Muslim sector. Of course sleek figure hugging clothes are exciting and attractive.  They will sell more easily and many fall for the sound of the cash register ringing.

People forget all Allah SWT is the one who gives rezq, our wealth. If we want to be rich and famous we may become so.  If we do it by going against His rules, we may get rich but probably without baraka or blessings from Him.

 There is always a price to pay. Some designers will purposely break the rules and put indecent and immodest clothes on the catwalk.  How many times can they be excused? Every action is recorded by the 2 malaikat/angels upon our shoulders.  Who are the end losers?

Letting go and gaining much more

So I let go 3 major things in my life in 2015.  I stopped being active in 2 ngos and gave up my job.  I love the beautiful clothes but not the job.  Paperwork and stock checking does not suit me. I made a hijrah and decided to sell off much of my antique and furniture.  I love beautiful things but they are just worldly things.  They can come and go.  It earned enough for me to take a break for a couple of months without having to seek another job.

Books and Back to Studies

Alhamdulillah!  I enrolled into Arees Institute together with some of my sisters.  It was a good decision..  I finally made the effort to complete my Diploma in Islamic Studies and continued with the Advanced Diploma.  We are now taking part Masters program with History of Islam, Hadith and Tafsir, interpretation of Al Quran.  I managed to attend more classes regularly and has chance to do more reading.

Focusing on Writing

I was invited to contribute 2 stories of Love and Compassion, a lovely book that talks about human endeavour, compassion, love and learning.  This book can be found in some of the national libraries in the country.  We hope people will benefit from the wonderful stories within.

 These books were also sold to raise fund for the Rohingya refugees and to help the Kelantan flood victims.

2 more stories for another new book 

Just completed 2 new stories for the next book which is due to be launched early 2016.  Our stories are for our children.  Sharing bits of our lives and glimpses of life of our parents.   There is much to learn from the struggles and challenges of the early generations.  They were tough and determined, brave and full of love for their children.  We can learn so much from them.

Our book 'Stories for Our Children' will be launched at the Victoria Ballroom, Holiday Villa on 30 January, 2016.  It is in conjunction with an Islamic Charity fashion show for women only.  It is organised by Yayasan Rosni Noor.  

Reprinting my first book, The Beauty of Covering Up

I had to rewrite a new prologue and make some adjustments to prepare for my 2nd printing of my book.
It took some time and I had been sitting on the final editing before it goes for  final checking by the editor. It can be costly to reprint but much cheaper than the first time.

So much for catching up. There is so much to share.  Its really late now.  Have to go.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life After Haj

Is there life after Haj?  Definitely a big big Yes!  But not during jet lag I'm afraid. Mentally and spiritually fortified but physically just recovering.  For the elderly, less healthy and for those living far away from the Masjid, it is a great physical and mental exercise daily. How I admire the 70 year olds who head for the Masjid daily step by step, some with walking sticks and some in wheelchairs.  Subhanallaah!

What time to go to the Masjid?

 When to get up, what time to get to the Masjid, what time is fajr, dzuhr, asar... All the times are different and we need to get familiar with the changes.  Felt strange initially to have to try to sleep around 9 or 10pm.  sometimes we stay up until midnight.   There is so much to do and see but if we do not rest well., we will be too tired to meet all the prayer times etc. We did not want to miss anything while we were there.

Still feeling slow and lagging behind at times.  Some mornings I wake up full of energy and other days , after reading just a little after solat my eyes feel so tired that I have to take a nap in the morning.  Not in the swing of things at the moment.

Work is never done

And whether I like it or not, there is much work to attend to.  And spring cleaning and tidying up the house, changing the sheets, washing the linens, sorting out the clothes and stuff from the suitcases.

Missing Malaysian food

All mundane but necessary.  And also trying to have more home cooked meals after eating away from home for 6 weeks.  No complaints about the food, we were hungry all the time and ate well.  Sometimes we ate at the mall, yearning for some authentic Arab food.  And murtabak and good hot teh tarik.

Murtabak never tasted so good!

Murtabak was SR10 each but there is meat and some egg so its a substantial meal.  The Arab rice and lamb or chicken is around SR20 to SR25 each but sufficient for 2 small eaters.  A hungry man would finish off the whole packet by himself.  Rice with fried fish is sometimes SR30 and dhal is another SR7.  Fish was fresh and food was alright.  Its not restaurant food, just mall fast food so do not expect the same quality, but the rice was long , fragrant  and delicious.

Hunting for Seats during mealtimes at the food court

I would prefer to have a meal at Hydramaut in Ampang  if I want more side dishes and a proper table to enjoy it.  At meal times there may be 300 people but only 200 seats. They serve great coffee from proper coffee machines and that is around SR7 a cup.  Milk tea is SR 2 to 3, depending on location.  Fruit juices are SR10 but though tasty, they are very sweet, I suspect condensed milk is added.

Malaysian Food is Best

Anyway, I managed  to prepare some simple pleasant meals at home but could not resist a few Chinese Muslim restaurant meals on my return. This morning we had lontong and nasi lemak from Restoran Ria in Melawati.

 Pumpkin soup  and maybe garlic bread , sambal terung and potato cutlet (bergedil from Restoran Ria ) for dinner tonight.  Cooking some beef in the slow cooker for tomorrow.   Alhamdulillah.   

Monday, December 10, 2012

Missing - out of sight but not out of mind

Assalamu alaikum my dear friends!

I had been a bit busy lately and somehow forgot to update my blogs.  Resorted to Facebook as its the fastest way to share or catch up with new information.  Or some valuable lessons and tips from our beloved speakers and scholars.

Not all scholars speak eloquently.  Some know so much but they are sometimes too serious for people who are not interested to learn.  You have to catch their attention by talking at their level.  Then there is some connection, some understanding.

Some people may not be scholars but they have a gift of connecting with people.  They share from their hearts, not scholarly or academic matters but just everyday life and its ups and downs.

Everyone has something good to share

Everyone has something to share.  Sometimes we are too busy and miss out on valuable insight. Sometimes we get the message straight away - the truth sometimes  hits us, upsets us and sometimes uplifts us.

If we have something worthy to share, let us not keep it within us.  It will only find its way to the grave with us when tis time to bury us.

Sharing is indeed caring

Make the effort and share, for the sake of Allah, to benefit others, to delight others, to help and motivate others and most of all to benefit ourselves,

Win Win Situation

How do we benefit ourselves? Just the simple act of doing something of benefit makes us feel good..  Just think how wonderful it is when someone benefits from what we shared and then goes on to share with others.  It can be passed on and on and whatever good came as a result of sharing that information, we may be rewarded continuously for it.

 Allah SWT rewards those who like to do good purely for His sake.  Be generous in sharing  your knowledge and Allah is more Generous than everyone in the universe put together. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post Ramadan

Thankful after Ramadan

Ramadan came and went.  All the juggling to meet our ibadah schedules finally over. Some of us are still struggling with the balance of the fasting replacement and some of us just doing the 6 days of fasting in Shawal.some of us could fast right through Ramadan.  Alhamdulillah it was indeed a great benefit and really made it much easier, with the stress of thinking of having to replace countless days.

Fasting the 6 Days in Shawal

Actually we should not fuss too much.  Allah SWT decides how many days we can fast and we have to make sure we make up the lost days..  The chance to do the 6 days in Shawal comes once a year.  We need to replace all missed days before we can attempt to do the 6 days of fasting.

No Pain No Gain

If it is that easy, just fast 6 days in Shawal , do you think it is deserving of such great reward?  The pure and sincere intention to attempt to do it, the intention of trying to replace all missed fast and yet fulfil the 6 days is indeed challenging.  With all the feasting and visits for so many days, it is indeed quite a challenge for some of us.  This is where we have to persevere and thus earn the rewards that are promised.  Insha Allah.

Using our own nafs to form an opinion

Some people argue that since we are supposed to do the fasting in Shawal, it makes sense to give this priority and replace lost fasting through the year.  It can sound very attractive to people who need to repalce over 10 days or more of fasting.  Its too difficult,  It doesn't make sense.  We have to do the 5 days first.

Let's be honest to ourselves

So thay say.  Well, everyone can say what they like.  And they can also do what they wish.  If their intention is to get Allah's pleasure and subsequently His reward, let us be honest to ourselves.

Is Wajib less important?

One friend recently put it very simply. "Replacing missed fasting in Ramadan is something that is wajib, obligatory.  If we did not do it then it becomes a great sin.  What if we died before we replaced our fasting?  Some people I know actually procrastinated until a few days before the next Ramadan.  Time does fly and illness or other calamities may prevent us from fulfilling this obligation early..\

We will not be penalised if we miss the 6 days. Of course we will feel sad and feel we missed out on a great reward. Only Allah knows best.

 We may or may not miss a great reward but we will not displease Allah by making any wrong assumption.. In Islam we should opt to do what we are certain and avoid what we are uncertain.

Why are we fasting anyway?

Now that makes sense.  Whatever we do is for the pleasure of Allah anyway.  Why are we fasting,  waking up early, missing our meals, our favourite cup of coffee and missing out of lunches with our colleagues and friends? Whu do we have to put up with difficult people and yet be as patient as possible.  We have to control our desires and discipline our tongues, our eyes and our limbs from commiting any vain talk and actions. . All for the sake of Allah.

Everything is as Allah Plans

If we ran out of time in Shawal it is with Allah's knowledge.  Wouldn't He know if we had a hard time trying to purify ourselves, again and again, just to be able to fast?  Perhaps all such efforts are already counted as our good intentionto perform as many sunnah acts as possible.

He know our intentions/niyyah

Our intentions are known to Him and if we are sincere, and we redha, accepting our situation  in  itself is a good action,.  Even I used to feel that women tend to miss and lose out on a lot of ibadah that men take for granted.  Who knows what rewards Allah will give to those who are patient and accept His decisions?

Bending the rules to suit our nafs?

Do we really want to bend the rules to achieve 6 days which may or may not be accepted by Allah?  It is perhaps better to do what we are certain than to venture into grey areas, hoping we are pleasing Him.

Is pleasing Allah more important that gathering 'expected rewards'?

Its not easy to be patient and feel we have missed out.  To be patient and to be grateful that we had the chance to  live through another Ramadan is already something we should be really really thankful for.

Greedy Greedy Most of Us

Man and women are indeed greedy and never satisfied.  We are always trying to get more out of everything.  There are times when we should just say "Alhamdulillah" and accept His decisions.  I try to remind myself to try to be grateful for even the smallest niamah/blessings.

Do we not feel blessed already?

What if we could not open our eyes or lost our hearing when we wake up in the morning?  Our souls were taken out of our bodies and returned if it is not yet our turn to return to Allah. Just to be able to see our loved ones again the next morning, to hear our child's laughter.  Is that not a great blessing?