Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What to eat for iftar when everything is hard and frozen in the fridge?

Its going to be maghrib in less that an hour. Thinking of what to have for iftar. Today I have only leftover carrot and vegetable pumpkin soup. We already ate that twice so we are trying to have something extra to go with it. The chicken is still frozen as I forgot to thaw it.

My son mentioned he saw some instant noodles in the box and I thought that would be nice. We had not had instant noodles for ages. We know such stuff is not real food as there is practically nothing except empty calories and carbohydrates - flour, oil and seasoning plus additives and food enhancers. But a little once in a while is perfectly fine for me.

Instant Noodles! Easy Easy :)

Its really easy to add water or soup stock, vegetables and maybe an egg or two. Just shred some leftover roast chicken and thrown in some chopped spring onions and raw onions, chillies, coriander or whatever that is in the fridge.

Today I will add some finely julienned capsicum, red, yellow and green. We must go for colours of the rainbow to get maximum variety of nutrients. Have to go to the kitchen soon but first I want to tell your of our DF iftar...

Dates and more dates

Just came home after collecting more dates - this time Mariami A, dry and chewy but not hard. Many people like this as we can leave it in the box for months without losing any flavour. This time we are planning to repack 12 to 18 kilos of Mariami into smaller bags. They are to be placed in the 60 goodie bags for our Persatuan Darul Fitrah Malaysia iftar.

I may bake a cake or make some yoghurt jelly etc. But its definitely not enough to feed 150 people! May it should be reserved only for those who stay back to do qiamul Ramadhan. Then we can have hot teh tarik, bru coffee and special desserts. Greedy!!!!

Iftar on the road - really carefree and casual

We are going to set up canopies and tents and 50 orphans from Gombak will be joining us insha Allah. We have to hire a bus to transport them as it is quite far away. Besides the children we will be inviting family and friends to join us for breaking of fast.

This time it is also to be held on the road. It should be fun and a great way to meet our friends, share our food and perform prayers with them. Alhamdulillah!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadhan is here!

Ramadhan is here at last!

Alhamdulillah! Finally we commenced Ramadhan after waiting for a long , long time. Been waiting for it since we finished the last one.

We were of course happy to be able to celebrate the day of Eid but so sad that all the special privileges and benefits of Ramadhan were no longer there for us anymore until the next Ramadhan. All those benefits and rewards for a whole month, just waiting for anyone who is interested to reach out for it.

Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT has answered our duaas to be given the chance to participate in yet another Ramadhan. So here it is - what are we going to do about it? Trying our best to fulfil our obligations and peform extra extra ibadah and sedeqah. Abstaining from food and water is just one part of the whole process of fasting. Fasting of the tongue - minding our speech, our manners, our actions, our thoughts, our anger, our judgements on others .... so much to do and so many opportunities to gain extra rewards. :)

Jumping back into fasting mode after 2nd day after Eid

Right after the Eid festivities (actually on one day celebration) many people would begin to pay back any missed days of fasting during Ramadhan. It was really tempting to accept all the wonderful open house invitations by friends and neighbours. I suppose it is alright to visit them after we break fast. At least to have a drink and meet their families.

It would defeat the purpose of fasting and discipline by eating our way into the month of Shawal and beyond. We were actually learning the art of self control, restraint, patience and discipline for an entire month.

Surely we have to try our best to change our poor eating habits and wicked indulgences. After detoxing and losing some excess weight we should value our newly gained healthy lifestyle. No more oily fried food and overly sweet drinks. Why are all the delicious food mainly deep fried or creamy? Even the simple fried keropok and fritters which should be off limits are so tasty and yummy.

Challenge to eat healthily

Its a challenge, isn't it? I am thinking of how to prepare more healthy meals and trying to eat more often at home. I feel we have to make time to eat well and avoid foods that are laden with msg, preservatives and other flavourings and artificial colours. Soups, salads and stews, steamed corn, baked chicken and vegetables and fruits seem to be a good alternative.