Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who Needs a Healthy Lifestyle?

Everyone knows we need to take care of our health. The problem is we are sometimes so caught up in our work, striving real hard to get the coveted project, promotion or just trying to hit the target in our sales performance!

Late lunches, missed dinners until we get home or suppers instead of proper dinners. Sometimes we even forgot our breakfast due to work and hectic schedules.

What happens to our bodies?

What happens to our bodies when we keep pushing the limits? What happens when we have no time to have a wholesome meal. Most of us are guilty - having a hasty meal at a restaurant or stall normally means some rice or noodles with insufficient protein like meat and fish. The portion of vegetables may be just 2 thin slices of cucumber or some overcooked veggies at the nasi campur [mixed rice] counter.

Missing salad and fruits

We usually miss out on fruits or salads. Eating them freshly prepared gives us optimum antioxidants. Sometimes I think I have sacrificed too much. The extra oils and fats that may come with such foods upset our bodies. Cheap oils and microwaved food.

Many restaurants use the microwave to heat up soups and curries, gravies and even rice. Sometimes I suspect they gave us really 'dated' food that's been kept cold in the fridge.

Hard to avoid microwaved food

I have stopped using a microwave for years but I suspect I am still being served food warmed by the microwave from the back kitchen of a fancy restaurant. Why do we spend extra money to eat at a proper restaurant? To eat proper food - real food. But I do not think I had been getting that in many places.

Hidden Fats can be fatal

Eating out really add the extra kilos of fat we do not need in our bodies. Fat can accumulate in the veins. Thin people may suffer from excess fat though they look thin. Fat can be hidden. As such even thin people may be subjected to strokes and high cholesterol.

I am trying to change my diet and change my life. Everyone should do that unless they think they are really fit and do not need to worry about their health.

The young take health for granted

The young take health for granted. However with the amount of pollution, radiation and additives in our environment and food, we have to actually think about the health of our children.

Young people get older each year and before they know it they are already in their mid twenties. With accumulated intake of unhealthy food and sugary foods, their bodies too may suffer cell degeneration.

Do not be happy if we weigh lighter
Do not be happy if we lost some weight. It may be just water and muscle loss. What we are looking for is fat loss. Over exercising is not good for us, be moderate and breathe deeply for more oxygen intake.

Taking responsibility for ourselves

There are many people with chronic diseases all around us. Let us take responsibility for ourselves and be healthy for as long as possible.

Have a meaningful life

We cannot change the date that we are fated to leave this worldly life. At least we can make our life a meaningful one, seeking knowledge, doing our ibadah (worship of Allah), helping others and taking care of our health.

We forgot about ourselves!

We all know that but sometimes we do not give priority to our own lives. We plan for others but may fail to carry out the plan for ourselves.

Accept fate but try our best anyway

When we fall ill despite all our efforts at least we know we tried our best. If we neglected ourselves and become ill and helpless there will be a lot of regrets. We can only help our loved ones when we are vibrant and healthy. We do not want to end up being a burden to them because we had been too busy to care for ourselves.

Shall we all make a change from now?

Shall we all make a change from now? Let us see if there is any positive changes after a month.
Only you will know the true difference and only you will benefit most from that effort.

Not an impossible dream...

I am writing this spontaneously after meeting a friend who had been taking great care of her health. There is so much difference in her attitude. Her confidence, her vitality and her joy.

If we want what she has, it is not an impossible dream. We just need to make the first step...

Productive life

May Allah SWT guide us and help us lead a health and productive life. Let us be able to help others and not depend on others to help us. Muslims are proactive and positive.

Wishing you good health and great energy!!!!!