Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Beautiful Holiday in Sabah with my sisters

I had been preoccupied with others matters the past year. In fact  the blog passed my mind a few times but I got caught up in so many different issues that it slipped my mind.

It had been a temendous year.  People say tremendous when many what they presume great things had happened to them in that time.

  To me nothing overly grand but to me it was equally tremendous! 
 First I am thankful that my Darul Fitrah sisters had the golden opportunity to travel to Sabah together for a truly bonding holiday.  I think the name Sabah already evokes magnificent sunsets, especially at the Tip of Borneo and very clean clear water at the beach.  We even had the chance to visit the Rainforest and spent the night there.  Climbing up to the waterfall where we faced double rainbow was a rare privilege for me,
Alhamdulillah x 1000 times and more!

 It was indeed a very rare treat.  Wished other sisters could make it but that was qadr Allah.  Insha Allah we can go for another trip together, in a larger group in future.
Will try to post some beautiful photos to illustrate the beauty of Sabah.

Tests and Trials anyplace, anytime

The jouney was not without tests and trials from Allah.  Not easy to organise and satisfy everyone for 6 days, crammed many hours in a van driving long distances from point to point, staying one night in every destination.

 In fact we were already tested when we reached KK at the airport.

Our van did not show up!  How awful was that?  But common sense and patience prevailed and we were determined to have a successful holiday with or without the van we paid for.  In the end we found a slightly smaller van which was a little testy but Allah blessed us with a great driver and a van in  tip top condition.  I was  rather worried with all the climbing uphill, bearing 9 people and definitely more luggage.

We did it!  Had a lovely time and had a few narrow escapes on the road.  Alhamdulillah we were blessed with a safe journey to every place we visited.  The seafood was abundant and we really enjoyed the food there. 

At one of two places we felt some strangeness but we armed ourselves with all the doas and prayers for a safe night's sleep at the various hostels and hotels. Always remember to ask for Allah's protection and try our best to sleep with confidence.  I did have some issues with all the pillows I met.  Its my own neck that was the problem.  The only solution was to bring my own, which as out of the question.

Sometimes strange things can happen in broad daylight so do not worry too much when you sleep at night. I had a strange encounter at fajr but I was not too worried.  Because the voice said the doa for Allah to protect us from shaitan.  I did not tell anyone at that time because its better to let sleeping dogs lie. Just be shukr to Allah.

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