Friday, November 20, 2015

Allah sends help when it is most needed


Suffering and Hardship is Purification

Purification of our soul is a Mercy from The Creator.  How else can we prepare ourselves for our journey back to Him, to the place where our Prophet Adam once lived?  Allah always want the best for us but His tests may be severe and harsh if we look at them from the surface.  He assures us that man will never be burdened by more than we can bear.  If we lose our lives during these trials that was already written for us.  We all have to return to Him.  Let us always pray for a good ending, always as a believer.

Only believers have the right to enter Paradise/Jannah.  For those who do not know Islam Allah will give them a final opportunity on Judgement Day.  He would test them and in the end it will be their own choice to believe or not. If people know about Islam, they need to submit and accept Islam or disbelieve.  Those who want Paradise will submit and believe in the Oneness of Allah.  They will believe in the Prophets and that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final Prophet.

 Allah forgives all who repent and do not commit shirk. Believe in only Allah and no other.  There is no diety worthy of worship except Allah and Prophet Muhammad saw is His Messenger. Do not let anything become more important than Allah.  It can be our wealth, our children, our property and even our beloved hobbies and friends.  All these can become a hindrance or punishment to us on the Day of Judgement.

 Indeed the help of Allah is always near

Some may say why some people suffered and some even lost their lives if we always say the help of Allah is always near?  We need to learn to love and trust in Allah's judgement and decree. What is fair may not always be good for us.  What is foul may indeed be fair if we know the reason and the result of our hardship.

We are often reminded that Allah tests us with trials of hardship and difficulty.  We may not like to be tested.  No one does.  Yet it is through tests and trials that we are forced to go forward, to face the challenges.  To bear hardship with patience and quiet dignity.  To continue to strive though everything seems bleak.

All of us face  hardship at different times of our lives.  Despite the worry, heartache, anger, grief and fear we must remain steadfast.  Hardship cannot go on forever.  After hardship comes ease. To some, death may be the ease because Allah takes them away from their suffering.  When we are steadfast and keep repenting and improving ourselves,  we are in process of purification. To keep our faith and to be patient in times of adversity brings great rewards though we cannot feel or see them. Do you know how many people a martyr can choose to enter Paradise with him?

 No one can help or harm us anymore.  The angels have recorded all our good as well as evil deeds.Those who were steadfast and faithful look forward to meeting with Allah.

All Believers will face tests.

I too had many tests since returning from Haj.  On Mt Arafah  all pilgrims cried and pleaded with Allah SWT to forgive our many sins and to help us become better Muslims.  To be better worshippers who served only Him alone.  Our trials of purification began the time we made the intention to go for Haj or umrah.  The test is even more upon our return.  This is one sure way to become cloer to Allah.  Depend only on Him for our survival. for our very existence. Be patient.  Try to  submit and  be humble.

 When life is really hard and we are feeling crushed, Allah sends help!  We will find friends who are willing to sacrifice what they love in order to help alleviate our own difficulty.  They are willing to give us part of their earnings and even motivate us to carry on.  Even strangers come forward to offer help and friendship.  Sometimes we are treated much better than we actually deserve.  They all did it for the sake of Allah.  They love Allah and are willing to go the extra mile to seek His pleasure.

Indeed the help of Allah is always near. 

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