Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post Ramadan

Thankful after Ramadan

Ramadan came and went.  All the juggling to meet our ibadah schedules finally over. Some of us are still struggling with the balance of the fasting replacement and some of us just doing the 6 days of fasting in Shawal.some of us could fast right through Ramadan.  Alhamdulillah it was indeed a great benefit and really made it much easier, with the stress of thinking of having to replace countless days.

Fasting the 6 Days in Shawal

Actually we should not fuss too much.  Allah SWT decides how many days we can fast and we have to make sure we make up the lost days..  The chance to do the 6 days in Shawal comes once a year.  We need to replace all missed days before we can attempt to do the 6 days of fasting.

No Pain No Gain

If it is that easy, just fast 6 days in Shawal , do you think it is deserving of such great reward?  The pure and sincere intention to attempt to do it, the intention of trying to replace all missed fast and yet fulfil the 6 days is indeed challenging.  With all the feasting and visits for so many days, it is indeed quite a challenge for some of us.  This is where we have to persevere and thus earn the rewards that are promised.  Insha Allah.

Using our own nafs to form an opinion

Some people argue that since we are supposed to do the fasting in Shawal, it makes sense to give this priority and replace lost fasting through the year.  It can sound very attractive to people who need to repalce over 10 days or more of fasting.  Its too difficult,  It doesn't make sense.  We have to do the 5 days first.

Let's be honest to ourselves

So thay say.  Well, everyone can say what they like.  And they can also do what they wish.  If their intention is to get Allah's pleasure and subsequently His reward, let us be honest to ourselves.

Is Wajib less important?

One friend recently put it very simply. "Replacing missed fasting in Ramadan is something that is wajib, obligatory.  If we did not do it then it becomes a great sin.  What if we died before we replaced our fasting?  Some people I know actually procrastinated until a few days before the next Ramadan.  Time does fly and illness or other calamities may prevent us from fulfilling this obligation early..\

We will not be penalised if we miss the 6 days. Of course we will feel sad and feel we missed out on a great reward. Only Allah knows best.

 We may or may not miss a great reward but we will not displease Allah by making any wrong assumption.. In Islam we should opt to do what we are certain and avoid what we are uncertain.

Why are we fasting anyway?

Now that makes sense.  Whatever we do is for the pleasure of Allah anyway.  Why are we fasting,  waking up early, missing our meals, our favourite cup of coffee and missing out of lunches with our colleagues and friends? Whu do we have to put up with difficult people and yet be as patient as possible.  We have to control our desires and discipline our tongues, our eyes and our limbs from commiting any vain talk and actions. . All for the sake of Allah.

Everything is as Allah Plans

If we ran out of time in Shawal it is with Allah's knowledge.  Wouldn't He know if we had a hard time trying to purify ourselves, again and again, just to be able to fast?  Perhaps all such efforts are already counted as our good intentionto perform as many sunnah acts as possible.

He know our intentions/niyyah

Our intentions are known to Him and if we are sincere, and we redha, accepting our situation  in  itself is a good action,.  Even I used to feel that women tend to miss and lose out on a lot of ibadah that men take for granted.  Who knows what rewards Allah will give to those who are patient and accept His decisions?

Bending the rules to suit our nafs?

Do we really want to bend the rules to achieve 6 days which may or may not be accepted by Allah?  It is perhaps better to do what we are certain than to venture into grey areas, hoping we are pleasing Him.

Is pleasing Allah more important that gathering 'expected rewards'?

Its not easy to be patient and feel we have missed out.  To be patient and to be grateful that we had the chance to  live through another Ramadan is already something we should be really really thankful for.

Greedy Greedy Most of Us

Man and women are indeed greedy and never satisfied.  We are always trying to get more out of everything.  There are times when we should just say "Alhamdulillah" and accept His decisions.  I try to remind myself to try to be grateful for even the smallest niamah/blessings.

Do we not feel blessed already?

What if we could not open our eyes or lost our hearing when we wake up in the morning?  Our souls were taken out of our bodies and returned if it is not yet our turn to return to Allah. Just to be able to see our loved ones again the next morning, to hear our child's laughter.  Is that not a great blessing?

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