Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Squirrel Visitor

Squirrels in the Apartment

Its fun to see little squirrels sprinting all over the garden but when a naughty and curious one decided to keep visiting, he has outworn his welcome.

There is this little hyper one that had been visiting for the past few days - getting braver now. Even went as far as the kitchen which is at the back of the apartment.

Once it got so scared when he saw us that he ran everywhere and jumped onto my father's bed when he was resting. It was all over his bed and he slept through it all! A good thing too - dad has heart problem so it could be too shocking for him to have a squirrel jumping next to him.

My son said we ought to get a mouse trap and see if we could catch it. He would love to experience having a little brown squirrel pet for at least a few hours. Poor squirrel, I don't think it would like it at all!.

They love the wild but they are getting unnatural now. Or is it perhaps they do not have enough food now that the trees are cut down indiscriminately? Man is often to blame for the woes of the little creatures that live around us.

Squirrels sometimes even eat birds' eggs. They probably eat fruits and nuts though I have seen a squirrel eating cat biscuits.

Story of a Friendly Kitten and a Squirrel

Its true! Once I saw a squirrel eating right next to my yellow tabby - side by side! Well, she didn't get her name Friendly Kitten for nothing. Even from a tender age, she was always kind and caring to others. She would also entertain us and love us unconditionally. Never haughty or naughty, like other cats we had.

When she grew up we called her Girl. She seldom spoke and used to be silent, looking into our eyes quietly, deep in thought. She sometimes used her paw to scoop up her biscuits. Its quite surreal - so humanlike! And she would massage us with her paws, as if to show her affection. Girl disappeared for a few months - we thought we lost her for good.

Strange Scratching Sound at Night

One night I heard a weird and sinister sound at my upstair bedroom window. It was really quite creepy but I just had to find out what was making that sound. I whipped open the curtain and I saw Girl! Seated upright, and using her 2 front paws to scratch the window pane. I let her in and discovered she was big and round. Girl was going to be a mother and she came home to deliver! Humanlike, don't you think?

Maybe the people whom she adopted decided to throw her out as they couldn't deal with the possibility of a bunch of messy kittens in their home. Anyway, Welcome Home, Girl!

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