Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Beauty of Covering Up -hot off the press!

Yes! the long awaited moment... my book is published! Alhamdulillah! After so many changes, drafts, redrafts, fighting for time and juggling between all my various duties and activities - we made it!

I have to thank my design team as they really tried their best to come up with a concept that reflects my personality and expectations. I did try to be less demanding (I don't like to make people suffer) but they were really pushing the limits and telling me not to settle for less!

Sister Yasmin Gan had, a few years ago when I shared my aspiration to publish my own book on Islamic garments said she would like to produce my book for me. That spurred me on as an experienced publisher would consider my materials suitable for publishing.

When I openly expressed my desire to publish my book, there were several suggestions. Some friends asked me to let someone else publish it and the company would take care of everything. Yes, from artwork, layout, concept and even the financing! Sounds too good to be true?

I was realy quite interested but I wanted to be part of the process of concept and design. I needed someone with a sharp eye and mind to tell me how to improve my book. I needed support and motivation, someone to guide me and challenge me improve myself.

So I didn't really have the choice but to self publish. And I don't regret it as I now have the freedom to share my books with more people and also determine where to market my books. I want to share and I want it to be affordable. Being self published means I can adjust the pricing to suit the situation. I can even give a discount at a book signing event if its held in a private location. I do not need to pay the publisher any royalties. The best is I can insha Allah sell my books to many parts of the country and the world!

If I were writing a book that has little colour and illustrations perhaps would be more feasible to seek the help of a friendly publisher. If the book is full of illustrations, we need a dedicated creative team to make the best of it and publishers may not be keen to invest on that. We can't have everything.

I am of course on the look out anyway, I want to know my options. That's because as I am already dreaming of my next book!

Alhamdulillah! I love my book! I hope you do too.


  1. Assalamualaikum My Dearest Dearest Friend, Masyallah yes your book is finally published. I am so proud of you! Kudos. You have been a truly amazing friend & sister. I dua nothing but the best for you! Love always i

  2. Wa 'Alaikumus Salam dear Sis. Thank you for your motivation and great company! Alhamdulillah! Appreciate your duas - they are important to me.