Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tinkling of a bell

I wasn't sure I did hear a tinkle.... yes! Its the same sound again. I looked out the open glass door and saw a young white and yellow cat with a collar. I called it softly. Miss Cat looked at me and decided its safer to move on.

Joys and Pains of having a Pet

I lost my brown 'Burmese' cat a few months ago, before I moved house. One day we found her lying at by the side of the road, body still warm. We rushed her to the vet but we were too late.

Loving Constant Companion
Source of Joy

She was a most affectionate and cute cat, an excellent companion for my mother and they had an unusual bond. She probably gave my mother more joy than some people she knew.

Miss Stitch
Once, Miss Stitch went missing for 3 whole days and we thought we had lost her.

Sir Grey and Black Stripes
to the rescue!

She had an ardent admirer, Sir Grey and Black Stripes. He talked a lot though we didn't understand a word he said. He used to cry at our backyard, looking for Stitch when she went missing. On the 3rd day, we noticed him facing the glass door of our neighbour. After crying incessantly for some time, my son noticed the glass door opening slowly and Stitch bounded out of their house. Sir Grey stopped wailing and then we suddenly realised that he was calling for her!

Catnapped by Neighbour

She jumped over the half wall and was home again! Well, true how unpredictable some people (and cats) are, she rewarded him by swiping his face with her claws. Wonder what was that all about? Son said probably to tell him "What took you so long!!!".

Happy and Sad Memories

Actually the old home held a lot of sad as well as happy memories for all of us. Lost my mother as well and a physical move in a way helped me to accept reality and gave me the momentum to move on with my life.

Not everyone is blessed with good parents. Sure there were disagreements and differences in opinions and vision. However parents are a source of support, a point of reference and a refuge when you find the world is against us. Anyway,at least most of the time during our childhood.

Doing it Alone - a lonely journey

The only difficult time was during my journey to Islam, where I had to do it alone and it upset her a lot to think she was losing me in the process.I consider it my ignorance and lack of experience. Sometimes we did not mean to hurt someone but did it anyway. The most important thing is to make peace and seek forgiveness. From man and from Allah SWT.

Allah SWT Forgives those who Repent Sincerely

Allah SWT constantly forgives us when we repent. Be quick and sincere with saying "Astaghfirullah" and make solat taubat. He forgives when we ask fervently, not just expect to be forgiven without any effort whatsoever. Its best to also make up for it by doing some good deeds and say something good if we wronged someone.

Muslims are Big Hearted and Forgiving

Islam encourages us to be just and be big hearted, forgive and do not be angry. Sometimes we do very mean and stupid things when anger blinds us.

Not Easy to Deal with other People sometimes

There are matters that Allah SWT will leave to us to settle between mankind. So we need to apologise and seek forgiveness from people we have hurt or offended or had done injustice to. If we do not, it may affect our standing on Day of Judgement and the 'victim' may not forgive us and ask for justice from Allah Almighty.

Saying Sorry is indeed very hard to do

Saying Sorry is truly difficult sometimes, especially when its not entirely our fault! Is it the ego, the fear of being rejected, the embarrassment, the fear of others finding our our weaknesses or the fear of the repercussion? Maybe a mixture of all these.

Purification of our Soul

We sometimes have the right intention but cannot find the right moment. Actually there is no perfect moment and if the matter is really serious, just do it and move on. This act of repentance and confronting our own weaknesses insya Allah helps us in more ways that we realise.

Repentance Helps Us a Great Deal

It can help us to be stronger,to correct ourselves, to be braver and to remember it doesn't really matter that much if people think we had been real mean, selfish, or silly, or vain to have committed such mistakes. That's the truth about us so do not live a lie!

No One is Perfect
Everybody makes mistakes

Everybody make mistakes. Do not live in denial. We will be the biggest losers. The niyyah (intention) is to please Allah SWT and to purify our own souls.This humbling experience will remind us of our frailities in this world and our smallness in the universe.

We can be Winners

To be able to apologise unburdens our souls. To have courage and determination seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT makes us winners. And it needs strength to be humble. Pride and Arrogance are weaknesses so we need to keep away from people and activities that make us forget our true position in this lifetime - we are the beloved servants of Allah SWT!

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