Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Remembering Ramadhan

Missing Ramadhan already! Came and went just like that...!!! Been a frantic month, trying to work, fulfil spiritual obligations, social obligations and fervently seeking Allah SWT's rewards, guidance and blessings!

Also a big change in our routine - sleeping hours sharply reduced and turned topsy turvy - all for a good cause. And the feeling of unity, compassion and heightened spirituality. How beautiful is Ramadhan!

Resolutions - not made to be broken
Promise of a Muslim to Oneself.

As usual made a little resolution to improve myself a little more this year. Actually we can make resolutions anytime of year but Ramadhan is like a major milestone. I will know how much I managed to achieved by checking myself. Where do I stand by next Ramadhan? If we treat our resolutions carelessly, it actually means we do not treat our own thoughts and intentions with respect and sincerity. It may be difficult to fulfil some resolutions but they must never be taken lightly. Or else why bother to try to be 'r e s o l u t e'?

Keep a Journal, Make a Plan
Try Mind Mapping

Write your own journal to chart your own course and check your progress. You can also do mind mapping - it will bring out the creativity in you!

Its more organised and keeps us on track. Actually we should best begin before Ramadhan, plan and try to fulfil some resolutions for Remadhan, follow up in Shawal and carry on until the next Ramadhan. May Allah SWT give us the opportunity to benefit from another Ramadhan, the most blessed month.

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