Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Time Does Really Fly!!!

Time Does Really Fly!!!

Time is simply fleeting... very quickly. If we do not make use of our time carefully, its gone - just like that! I used to grow up hearing adults talking about being bored, having nothing to do, playing cards or some useless games just to 'pass time".

Kill Time?
These days my reaction would be "WHAT?" Kill Time? Do you know you are actually wasting your life away on some useless and unsatisfying activity, all in the name of passing time?

Angel of Death waits for no one
Time is one of the most precious commodites that we may take for granted. We need to value it and use it very carefully. When the Angel of Death comes to take our souls, he will not delay even one minute and not even one second! We can never get even half a day to return to our worldly life to make good our promises to our Creator, to others and to ourselves.

Feeling Lazy?
Of course there are moments where we feel lazy or under the weather. Use these moments to relax and revitalise ourselves. Read a good book, write some letters or catch up on your hobby. Even a mid morning nap after a busy morning is fine as it gives us extra energy to get more out of our day.

Be Moderate in all things
Valuing time does not mean not taking a break or pushing ourselves till we drop. We need to be moderate - take care of our interests, our work, our responsibilities and our spiritual commitments. And make time for rest, recreation and regular exercise to maintain good health. Make time to take care of our body and soul.

Having said all that, I too must re prioritize my activities as we do sometimes get caught up in some unexpected events and have to refocus ourselves to make best use of our life and our time.

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