Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baking Day again

I really enjoyed baking and cooking today! No schedule - do as I please.

Plain Porridge is good for a change

Made some porridge from parboiled rice - its fat and grainy. Just boil half a cup of raw rice grains in 4 to 5 cups water. Add more water if it is too thick. Sprinkle a few drops of oil, pepper and little salt. Serve with fried fish or small anchovies and fried tempeh. To make it more filling make an egg omelette with baby tomatoes, onion, coriander leaves and spring onions. That's easy enough to fry the condiments, especially with my little green pan.

Chicken Dinner - quick and easy!

Tonight I made Chinese style chicken marinated in little organic soy sauce, pounded ginger and garlic. Just pan fry it with very little oil in the green pan or non stick pan. Do not use non stick pan if the Teflon coating is damaged or scratched.

Decided to make some Thai Tom Yam chicken soup with lemon grass and broccoli. Seems like a lot of cooking? Well, I had been rather busy so I just make more of it to stretch to the next day. Just add fresh salad or a simple soup for variety.

Ate out last night. Pepperoni pizza and sphagetti. Really nice, at Satay vs Pizza, in USJ Taipan.

Chocolate Cakes

The bell just rang. My chocolate cakes are ready. Mmmm... my customers just love chocolate cakes! Also made 2 buttercakes this morning - the whole house smells of cakes!

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