Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats! You either love them or hate them! Better to love than hate.

Muslims do not have to dislike dogs just because we are not allowed to keep them as pets. They make good guard dogs - ever tried using a cat or parakeet to guard your farm? All animals are Allah's creations.We are carers of the environment as Khalifah of Allah. (Vicegerent on Earth).

Even if You do not Love Them, do not Harm Them

Some people get so paranoid that the fear sometimes turn to hate. They pass this fear to their children by their speech and actions.

How to 'Purify' a Utensil licked by a Dog

Should a dog lick a plate or utensil meant for food, the plate has to be 'purified' or 'samak' by washing it with clay and rinsed a total of 7 times with clean water. In fact this purification applies only to dogs and not even pigs.

Many Animals are Victims of Society

Not all dogs are bad - some strays attack people maybe because people attack them all the time. Sometimes owners abandon them when they move out. Many strays are ill, hungry and unloved, taunted and hated. Do you expect them to love you in return?

Bad Cat! So Greedy!

A friend mentioned that she beat the house cat when it stole the fish meant for dinner. Bad cat! So greedy! I gently reminded her - a cat is an animal.

It cannot go to work or go into a shop to buy his own fish. It depends solely on the kindness of human beings who share the same planet with them. When a cat is hungry, it looks for food.

It didn't deserve to be punished! Humans sometimes expect animals to think and behave like them. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) she understood and became very kind, patient and generous to her furry friends.

Easy to Do Charity Daily

Why not feed the hungry and starving animals? Its charity every day. Does it feel good to enjoy all your meals knowing the strays are wondering when their next meal may come?

Every deed, big or small will be recorded by the malaikah (angels) as good deeds.

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