Monday, June 14, 2010

Healthy Diet - fresh food vs processed nutrition blends

Healthy Diet - do we try to count the calories or concentrate on nutritious food?

Some people claim we have to reduce our eating and should take some healthy meal substitutes that provide the necessary nutrition.

Processed vs Natural Real Foods

Others say we should not depend on processed 'nutrition' but go for quality fresh foods. The only kind of supplement we should use are natural ones - like virgin coconut oil, flax seed, magnesium oil, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, olive oil and so on...

Quality Food Supplements may be Costly

Being so very busy rushing around daily, many people resort to the easy way out - very expensive quality food supplements and food replacement plans. The sales personnel will try their best to convince you that's the best way to keep fit and healthy.

While this may be helpful for some people, are they not missing on enjoying some real food that's provided for us by our Creator..

Simple and Quick Cooking Methods can Save the Day

If we choose quality fresh food and prepare them in a simple way it is not only superior to processed supplements but its definitely more tasty and satisfying.

Ever Heard of Steaming and Stir Fry?

We can control the calories by avoiding too much fried foods, high sugar foods and using good oils that are healthy for us. Olive oil is high recommended especially for salads and light cooking. Virgin coconut oil is rich in enzymes and will not make us put on weight. Palm Oil has no cholesterol and good for frying as it is relatively stable and neutral in taste.

Steaming food such as seafood, vegetables and even chicken is quick and simple, easy to clean up and easy to digest.

It may be convenient to drink a large glass of blended processed nutrients but wouldn't a glass of fresh juice or smoothie be more of a treat? Who would like to have a tropical fruit smoothie instead of a reconstituted flavoured shake that comes out of a cardboard cylinder?

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