Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doing our Best and Reliance on Allah SWT

Today my friend shared some interesting facts that were revealed during an interesting interview with a well known succesful businessman . He revealed that being the eldest of the family, he had to drop out of school to help his father in his small business. He had no choice as there were many mouths to feed and he accepted the responsibility of helping with the family business.

When he was asked what did he miss most in his youth he replied that he felt very sad to see other ten year old children going to school and playing together. He had to follow his father to work, selling and trading fabrics and related items. As years went by, the business developed bit by bit, with lots of toil, disappointments. challenges and struggle.

This young man faced many adversities in his work and despite many ups and downs, he carried on. Allah SWT hears the duaa of the ones who call on him. He is pleased with people who carried on supplicating for His help and guidance, in patience and with great hope of His blessings.

One day he closed a very major business transaction and things started improving thereafter. With consistent hard work and persistence, he became very successful in his business and suddenly all the dark clouds parted. The light and blessings of Allah SWT showered upon him and his family and today they are not only well known but also known to be very generous and kind people.

Alhamdulillah! Nobody knows when Allah SWT will send His help and turn our lives around. We have to do our best and leave the rest to Him. He is the one who decides on our portion of rezk and wealth, we have to appreciate what is decreed for us. If we want more, we are encouraged to strive and work for it and continue asking for His help.

A Muslim has to learn to be contented and grateful for what is his portion in life. He has to strive for more and not complain and moan about his lack of opportunities and 'poverty'.

A hundred ringgit (dollars) may not seem much to many of us but there are many people out there who cannot put food on the table for their family tonight. There are those who cannot pay their electricity and water bills. Some cannot afford to send their children to school by school bus as they cannot afford it.

For those who are grateful for Allah SWT's provision, He will increase it for them and make it easy for them in due course. For every hardship there is relief.

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