Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple Life

Everyone has a different idea about what 'simple life' is all about. Some may think of a simpleton but these days the simple life is very sought after! Too much work pressure, chasing after worldly gains, trying to please everyone except oneself, fear of giving up our wealth and perks.... Too much of everything may make our blood pressure go up and we end up depending on all sorts of drugs and medication to cope with the kind of lifestyle we are accustomed to.

Just what is Simple Life?

Simple life means exactly that .. slowing down, know our priorities, get rid of all unnecessary details from our daily routine. Do not accept every trivial request or invitation unless you are certain you can fulfil the ones you have committed yourself to.

Not necessary ot say Yes to Everyone and Everything!

If its some ibadah, make sure you can fulfil it or else do not accept so eagerly. We will only end up disappointing someone or create some problems for others because we are unable to keep our word.

Its difficult to say no and we sometimes actually want to be involved in some new project or idea. We may feel we are selfish if we do not agree to participate. Maybe we can compromise by finding a 'partner' to help us work it out.

Find a 'Partner'

If we cannot attend a meeting etc we have to find a representative - not just anyone but someone who actually can do the job and wants to do it. He or she may also be like you, busy and cannot commit long term but if and when possible, he or she will be there to serve.

Do not Waste Each Other's Time

People who call for meetings should not waste too much time going round the bush and please spare all the flowery speeches and praises. Most people do not turn up to hear about themselves.

Necessary to be Decisive and Firm

The facilitator or chairperson has to be decisive and firm. He or she has to be confident enough to control the meeting and talk time. Some people go into too much details when they talk and in the end the lose the attention of the listeners.


Find a partner soon and brief him or her (unless its confidential) on progress of the project regularly. When necessary, your partner will be able to fit into the project smoothly insha Allah. If there is a less experienced person who is keen to learn, be a mentor and guide him or her. Encourage and inspire her to achieve greater heights, through knowledge and service.

Most of us started this way - we know that support and acknowledgement of our efforts go a long way. It serves as a guide and builds confidence. In time to come, we too will share our knowledge and skills with others who will carry on this amal jariah (continuous good deeds accepted by Allah SWT).

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