Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Chicken Stir Fry

I usually like to reserve some meat from the chicken t o make a quick stir fry dish. This can break the monotony of just having only soup though its already quite a meal in itself. Can be eaten with fluffy hot rice or even cut smaller and used in fried rice or a sandwich.


Take the balance one quarter of the chicken (only meat). Cut into medium chunks.
Fry some garlic and onions in palm oil or olive oil till aromatic and add in some julienned red, green and yellow capsicum. Keep frying till its a bit browned and fragrant.At this stage you can add one or two sprigs of curry leaves.

Add perhaps a tablespoon or two of curry powder and a sprinkling of fennel powder. Fry a bit and add chicken meat. Stir fry till chicken is tender and season with little salt and pepper.
Add extra spices and chili powder if you desire.

Recipes that may be Suitable for the Elderly and Patients
My recipes are suitable for my elderly dad who is a heart patient. I try to reduce the oil and fat but he occasionally gets to enjoy some tasty fried chicken, lontong and prawn sambal etc without upsetting his diet too much.

Idea for a new project

Perhaps I will write a small booklet on the kinds of food I served him and so far the heart specialist is very happy with his condition, considering his age and other chronic illnesses which are under control . Alhamdulillah! The fact that he could survive his heart attack this long is truly a miracle from Allah SWT.

The best part is his appetite is still very good and metabolism rate is very high. He actually eats more than I do and would ask for more rice if he particularly enjoyed his meal. He is still rather skinny and fragile. Allah SWT is truly Kind and Merciful.


Add sliced fresh mushrooms and red and green chillies.
Good to add chunks of ripe tomato.

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