Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year is Over!!!

Both the Islamic calendar and the secular calendar have passed! 2010 had brought many changes to my life. Some painful and sad, like the illness of my parents, their endurance of pain and suffering which I could not do much to alleviate.

My mother's passing still holds many painful memories which serve as a lesson for myself. How to live my life as fully as my mom did, how much love and patience she had for all of us, her family, her friends and the needy, some of whom she had never even met in her life!

Hanifah Chong led a very rich life, with many tears of joy and sorrow. I wish I can, insha Allah learn to be loving and forgiving as she had been, carrying on with her life the best she could. All the wrong that others had done to her could not be forgotten and kept on hurting but she forgave as often as she could. During her last days she said she forgave everyone and everything. It was a tremendous thing to do when sometimes the human memory could not let us forget the hurt and injustice we had suffered long ago. In Islam we are encouraged to forgive and let go as that is the key to our own salvation.

As children we did not give her our fullest attention as we had to divide our time to fulfill personal needs and to fulfill the needs of the ummah, although in a small way.We enjoyed her company and depended on her advice, daily without fail. Dear friends, never forget your mothers and always remind her of how important she is in your lives. Allah rewards those who honour their mothers most, after Allah and His Messenger saw.

Allah SWT had blessed us with a good year, no tsunami or massive earthquakes or terrible fires, as experienced by people in other parts of the world. Though there were floods and other disasters, they were minor compared to the suffering of others elsewhere.

Every experience is an enrichment and a lesson in itself. I pray to Allah to guide us and help us benefit from these lessons and increase our iman and will to be better servants of Allah.

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