Friday, December 17, 2010

Be Flexible

That also applies to cooking! In fact thats the best time to improvise and be creative. Have fun!!! Cooking should not be a chore though we sometimes feel it is, when we are busy and tired. Fresh food tastes best but sometimes we have to schedule our cooking to save time and energy.

I prefer to cook on marketing day, when everything is fresh and at its best. Takes less time than having to thaw and cook half frozen meat etc.

Braised Chicken Mushroom

Earlier on I cooked some chicken with celery, onions, shitake mushrooms and premium oyster sauce. While heating it up for my Dad's lunch, I decided to add some Chinese herbs to make it more nutritious.

Turn it into a Nutritious Soup

Just add more water or chicken/vegetable stock (not stock cubes). Throw in a small handful of wolfberries (kei chi - small oval shaped red berries). To make it sweeter, I added some Chinese red dates and simmered the soup. Its nice when the berries and dates are softened and the sweetness is delicate.

Wolfberries are good for the eyes whereas red dates are energy giving and tasty.

As I had to go out, I packed everything including the hot rice into separate vacumn jugs and placed them all in a large tray. That way Dad can have a delicious hot meal anytime he wants.

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