Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

I decided to go back to my original blog name 'Enjoy Your Life'. It is really relevant to the topics I write about and though the contents of 'The Beauty of Covering' is close to my heart, it is but only a small part of the whole.

'The Beauty of Covering Up'

The title 'The Beauty of Covering Up' is indeed beautiful and readers have come back to tell me how close they feel to the title and how affected some of them are. It is really heartening to hear this. I have also received lots of positive feedback concerning the layout, presentation and design and the wonderful colours which strike an emotional chord within me, everytime I see it.

Thank You for Kind Suppport

Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement and support, my dear brothers and sisters. The first brother who bought my book (as a gesture of support) was Dato' Mustapha Ma, the President of MACMA, the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association.

I feel Honoured

I feel honoured that sisters who are famous and respected academicians also bought my book, in support for the important topic of covering and behaving modestly, not only meant for a Muslim woman. This is a message for women of other religions who seek the truth and desire to return to their own religious roots, emulating honorable women of the past.

Mariam, mother of Nabi Isa

Can anyone ever imagine the respected and beloved mother of Nabi Isa (virgin Mary) uncovered and exposed for all to see? Never! Never! Never! For she was a chaste woman guided and protected by God, Allah SWT. Do you know that Mariam (her real name) is one of the most honoured women in Islam? And her son, Nabi Isa, a beloved prophet of Allah SWT?

Muslims Loves all our Prophets

Every Muslim knows that but ,sad to say, people who claim to be of his faith do not know that Muslims too share and love our early prophets, Abraham, Moses, David, Jacob, Joseph....until the seal of the prophets, Muhammad saw. We love all of them and we do not worship any man as he is creation. We worship only the mighty Creator, Allah SWT.

Mariam our Role Model

If we claim we love Mary, and we know that God Almighty had blessed and honoured Mary, why do people not take her as a role model? I remember a time when women used to cover their heads with beautiful hats or shawls when they attended church. As years went by, the hats shrank, the shawls and scarves seem to have disappeared. Now almost anything goes. what happened to these values? Who planned the erosion of values? What is the intention of such groups of people? Who do they serve? Obviously not Allah SWT.

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