Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alhamdulillah for a Good Year!

Anything that happens, its by the will of Allah. We say "Alhamdulillah" when something good happens to us and also " Alhamdulillah" and still be thankful even when we face difficulty and hardship in our journey through life.

Book Finally Ready

Alhamdulillah! My book "The Beauty of Covering Up" was finally completed, published and enjoyed people, friends and strangers. Sometimes the people you would least expect would want to purchase a copy. Some want a copy for themselves and they are not even covered! Insha Allah they will read with an open heart and make dua to Allah for strength and wisdom to change their lives. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain! SubhanAllah! Allah is ever so Merciful and Forgiving.

So Much Help from Everyone

Masya Allah! I touched by the many offers by so many kind brothers and sisters to help me introduce my book, in so many different ways. I am very motivated and very thankful to see such positive response.

Sister Zarina, whom I met only briefly at the International Fashion Festival, who after reading my book, loved it and offered to help me sell my books without taking a single cent from the sales! Jazakillahu khairan dear sister.

Friends like sisters Shahizah,Katijah, Noraini, Tati, Latifah and Suraya too had helped without taking a single cent from me. Only for the sake of Allah. Only Allah can reward them accordingly.

Busy with Clothes

I got sidetracked by having to do a collection of Chinese inspired clothes. It takes a lot of time to source and select the fabric, to send all the fabrics for sewing, for collection, to embellish etc. However, I truly appreciate the sisters who encouraged me and a very kind and insistent sister even banked in some cash(seed money) directly into my atm to give me that push. I never even expected that at all! Its so costly to make even one garment - quality fabrics, tailoring, time, transport etc. May Allah reward all their kind intentions.

Back to Books and Promotion to create Awareness

Insya Allah I plan to have a small and personal launch with the help of my friends in February. We cannot say no when people want to help - I see it as one of the ways that Allah is helping us , through other fellow Muslims. What more can I say? Alhamdulillah all the way!!!!

Case 1 : Response to the Book

So many fears about other people's reactions and opinions. So little concern about what Allah thinks about us, or what the malaikah is writing right now, about our behaviour.

A friend just told me that she shared the book with her friend who had some doubts about covering. People have the usual worries - will I still look good? Will my husband think I look old fashioned? Will he think other women are more attractive? Will people think I have gone "dawah type" and turn away from me? Will I lose job opportunities because I am covered? Do I look older? What shall I wear?

Anyway, to make the story short, this friend of mine persuaded her to read the book and by the time she finished it, she informed my friend that she wanted to put on the hijab. SubhanAllah! If the contents that came from my heart could reach hers, I am confident that insha Allah the same could happen to other readers. May Allah make it easy for them.

Ikhlas - Sincerity

It is important for someone to read the book with an open mind, with complete sincerity. To be humble and remember who she is at all times, she is Muslimah! One who loves Allah and has made a pledge to submit to His will and to follow the guidance of our beloved Prophet saw.

Amal Jariah and Hijab - constant purification and shield

We can take nothing with us except our amal jariah (continuous good deeds) and the continuous deeds of our pious children . We hope to return to Him purified, not just by ritual cleansing of the dead but through the purification in our daily lives, by way of wudhu, solat, dzikir and constant hijab.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum Noorshin! This is my first time on your blog, and what an amazing first post to read! Congratulations on your book!

    Where can I get a copy?

  2. Wa alaikummus Salam dear Nadia. I am so happy to hear such encouraging motivation. I am new at blogging and appreciate comments and feedback. Please invite your friends to read my blog and facebook.

    I normally post the book by airmail or by sea, depending on the requirement of the customer. It takes a long time by sea :( .

    Im also new at selling my book but the book costs RM50 plus postage - have to work that out.

    I had a quick look at your blog - its fantastic! Love the sketches - how I wish we live nearby... then we can even do some projects together.