Monday, January 24, 2011

A very delightful way to destress

As Salam, its been quite a while...I did not realise my last entry was 30 Dec. Jan is a very busy month for many people ... new plans, activities, friends, projects, commitments....

I love my blog, though its only at its infancy. Please let this new blogger get more acquainted with the hows and whys before it gets better. so much to do and so little time to learn and try out....

Enjoying some good food with good company
is really relaxing and fun

While everyone gets busy with life, somehow almost all of us make time for some seriously good food, trying new places for new eating experiences. We have to eat to live, don't we? Anyway, this can be considered good clean fun, so long we do not overstuff our faces and not be wasteful and extravagant.

We work hard, insha Allah do not have that many vices. You know, Muslims do not smoke, drink, gamble or indulge in spending to show off, do not compete with each other in dressing and fashion. Actually we also save a lot of money as we do not burn our hard earned money and do not spend our time trying to impress others.

Precious Time and Money

Of course some still do all of that but there will come a day when they too will realise that they had wasted their precious time and money over matters that have no real benefit for their iman, health and wallets! I mean many of us have gone through that stage and learnt some lessons along the way. Not criticising others, merely thinking out loud.

So hanging out and having a relaxing meal with friends can actually by very great for destressing and silatul rahim.

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