Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making Dawah according to our own ability and circumstances

Everyone makes Dawah according to his ability and circumstances

A friend is actively promoting Islam to many people around him. He knows that he cannot change everything overnight and that the mission would take time. Just like us, he does it in a way that he is comfortable with, within his ability and circumstances. He works hard at it though it may not be obvious to people who watch and criticise his flaws.

Does he have to tell you what he did right?

Out of the many imperfections and mistakes there rose some great results. Many doors were open for future daawah as a result of such effort. Sometimes daawah must be done subtly - it depends on the situation and the target group.

Good Things do not come Easy

Over a period of time, things come together and results become more visible. Progress is good but wisely not highlighted to avoid unnecessary attention to indirect daawah effort. Sometimes its best to do it quietly and slowly but surely.

Tests and Trials

When we want to do something to please Allah SWT, He will put us through tests and trials. Have great hope that such efforts are accepted and help from Allah SWT will come.

Are We Perfect?

Are we perfect? Do we know it all? What have we achieved? Do we sincerely think we have done better than others? Are we sure we had been doing it right from day one? How many mistakes did we make? Just because nobody criticised us and no one knew our mistakes doesn't mean we are alright and we are better.

Are we just good at complaining
Or do we offer to help?

Does he need to tell you his reasons? Does he have to list out his difficulties and his achievements? Did anyone of us bother to ask him how he was coping? What kind of challenges he had to face and overcome? What are his constraints and difficulties? Did any one of the loud critics offer to help him?

Obstacles and Challenges

He knows mistakes were committed and human relations were the main obstacles. How do you help people to understand? By guiding and letting them learn from mistakes and experiences or by forcing them to obey and rejecting them when they fail? How do we help people understand and respect Islam? Do we need to use our wisdom and be patient or throw in the towel when things get too rough? So many questions and so few answers...

How do we Guide the Lost Sheep?
Gently or Be Harsh and Judgemental?

How do we guide our children? Teach them step by step and give them a chance to improve or smack them and send them to bed without supper? How do you guide grown ups who cannot understand and does not know anything about Islam? Give them another chance or strike everyone off the list?

Many of us were lost once, and we found the way back because of kindness of people and the Mercy of Allah SWT.

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