Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knowing the Difference

Filter What You Hear and Read

When we listen to a speech or read an article or book we need to filter out the facts from the opinions. The speaker may be well loved and respected but no one is perfect. Even the speaker may not claim to be 100 percent correct in the way he or she behaves or thinks.

Dalil/Evidence from authentic hadiths and Al Quran

Unless the speaker supports his or her actions with authentic dalil (evidence and proof), we have to be careful not to become too influenced. Sometimes these words are just personal opinions. If we found it convenient to adopt and practise certain attitudes , then we have done great injustice to ourselves. And if others followed us then we may also have to answer for their actions since we misled them through our own ignorance and carelessness.

I hear and I obey vs I feel and I do what I feel like

Quite often people tell us it is alright to do what you like so long you' feel' you have a good relationship with Allah. In other words are we saying its alright to ignore Allah's shariah because we feel we have a good relationship with Allah already? Are we supposed to treat some verses in the Quran and the hadiths as something to pick and choose?

Can Iman and Amal be Separated?

What we have inside - our iman has to be manifested on the outside by action (amal). It cannot be separate or we are actually 2 personalities. Obeying Allah and loving Him 'inside' and disobeying Him 'outside'. Does that make sense? Can iman and amal be separated?

Do not Practise Islam Blindly

Allah does not want us to practise Islam blindly and He will not accept such action. We have to ask and we have to search, verify and understand. Then we try to put the knowledge into practice. Its not always easy to do and sometimes we take a long time before reaching the next stage.

Allah Understands Us
Correct our Intention

Allah understands our individual struggle and weaknesses. If we correct our niyyah (intention) and make effort according to our ability, Alhamdulillah it is already good progress.

Working Towards Improving Ourselves
Sharing with Others

We are learning everyday and insha Allah we are also working towards improving ourselves. Help our children, our family and our friends by sharing what we have learnt. Surely you want them to earn Allah's pleasure and get His rewards too, don't you?

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