Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Birds are Back!

Cycle of Life

Today I saw many new birds enjoying themselves at the stream. Two young white birds, probably egrets, flew casually close to the water surface. From just tiny eggs, these birds have hatched. I saw them when they were just frail tiny white bobbles at the stream. Now their wings have spread and the sky is their limit!

Further down the stream 3 larger birds that looked like pelicans stood quietly in the water. Hunters waiting for their meal. A kingfisher sat on a branch of the frangipanni tree and above it all were 2 large birds brown and greyish in colour, soaring and circling in the air.

Such a wonderful sight! To be so close to Allah's creations. We too were nothing until Allah gave us life. My heart felt at peace and humbled by this pure and graceful performance.

Uneasy Sleep Last Night

It soothed my perturbed heart to see such grace. It was great contrast to what I saw last night. I was at a grand and lavish function last night. The place was filled with 'beautiful' people. Many young women were walking around half naked, wearing what they considered fashionable and glamourous . It was indeed a 'beautiful' and yet sad and sorry sight.

Do Muslims respect and value their own religion?

It was sad because nearly all these people were Muslims! None of us are perfect but its amazing to find so many people at the same time, coming together disobeying Allah so publicly and with such indifference.They were obviously having such a great time, oblivious to reality. Duniyaa!!!
(O the world and its glitters)

Dark Days of Ignorance

Is it arrogance, ignorance or just carelessness of youth? I am uncomfortable with certain events as they remind me of my former days of ignorance, where nafs came first and there was no knowledge or iman in my life.

Parenting and Amanah

Lately I had been hearing some parents claim they let their children make their own big decisions concerning religious requirements. Dressing modestly and abstaining from smoking, drugs and harmful substances are no small issues. Yet major issues have been trivialised and small and insanely stupid issues like the use of chopsticks had been exaggerated.

Does this mean they do not mind too much if their children were to disobey Allah SWT, follow their nafs and be unjust to themselves all the the same time?

We fuss and fret over our children. We worry when they catch even just a simple cold. We worry when they started primary education. We worry that they did not know how to cross the road by themselves.... so much energy devoted towards their well being.

Why then are we so unconcerned about the level of their faith (iman) and their understanding of their deen? Why are we sometimes unconcerned about our children's relationship with the Creator?

What is our Compassion and our Amanah?

Do we really care where our children and their children will end up in the Hereafter? Are we only concerned about our own spiritual journey and then let the children fend for themselves? Where is our compassion and our amanah?

When we are no longer around, our children may not have the foundation to make wise decisions concerning their deen. Do we want our children to stumble and fall repeatedly and perhaps lose their direction? Is this what we want for our children and future generations?

How Do We Answer to Allah?

On Judgement Day they may complain to Allah that their parents did not guide or protect them. They did not know their deen. How do we answer to Allah?

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