Monday, January 24, 2011

Well deserved praise for Post Office Staff

Renewing Road Tax is Easy

Finally found my car insurance policy! Had been looking for it the past few days. Had to renew my road tax and the dates do not tally! Carried all the documents to the post office to renew only to find that I did not have to bring any documents except for the pink car registration card as the clerk merely checked my status online.

Sincerity in Earning Halal Income

Some government servants are not very pleasant to deal with but so far I find all the staff at all the national post offices to be very efficient and well mannered. Could that be due to differences in training and support? Happy staff will result in happy customers. Insha Allah sincerity in earning halal income is blessed with barakah and rewarded by Allah SWT.

Raving About Fish and Chips

Last night Latifah was still raving about the fish and chips she had at this fish shop in 1 Utama. She was saying it was so crispy etc etc. Since I was near that shop. I decided to give it a try. Service was good but the fish was not really sufficient for one hungry person at lunchtime. The fried potato chips and mayo helped a little but...It was fairly reasonable, at around RM11 so no complaints.

I ordered a pesto fettucini take away. When I reached home, I ate almost half of it. That was good but very rich so I decided to have 2 Mandarin oranges for dinner instead of rice and meat.

Stretching a Meal when I'm too Tired

I added some cauliflower and carrots to the pasta, reheated it with a little water for my son who decided to come home for dinner. Fried 2 pieces of chicken burger from Dara Bif, frozen lean quality burgers that is insha Allah more wholesome than the stall burgers. Son ate everything up - he sure can eat! And still skinny!

He stayed the whole day until 9pm at the university as he wanted to attend extra class after maghrib. I was happy that he was interested to improve himself.

Fish Chowder is too Fishy?

Would go again to Fish & Co. though I was careful not to order their fish chowder. I think I can make my own and save money to eat elsewhere. :) Fish chowder is sometimes just too fishy - does that make sense?

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