Monday, November 29, 2010

Very Sleepy but ...

Everytime I am a little free, its really late at night. By the time I am really sleepy, I would sometimes feel I should just check my blog and perhaps update it a little....its so very wordy and almost boring!

Allah SWT's Mercy by sending Rain

Allah SWT is so very Merciful! Even if there is so much wickedness in the land, His Compassion is so great that He still showers His Mercy upon all His creation. All of us, including the animal, trees and vegetation receive the blessings of rainfall as we are totally dependant on His Mercy.

Its been raining the past few days and the air is fresh and cool at night. I saw the same large white crane- like bird standing alone in a small pool of water in front of my garden late this evening. Masha Allah! I feel so happy by its visit again.... they come alone sometimes and often in threes, a brown bird, a white one and a grey one. They always appear after the rain. When they spread their wings in flight, they are so very magnificent and graceful. Masha Allah!

I wonder where they come from? Where do they live? Why do they frequent this little meandering stream in the golf course in the middle of Selangor? Where do they go?

Animal Kingdom around Us

Once a young monitor lizard wandered into my garden. It was larger than a large cat, very beautiful with brilliant hues of green - it did look like a mini dinosaur. We had to chase it away by hosing it with water. It didn't realise that other people may harm it or even try to kill it. People are cruel sometimes without realising.

There is a very large monitor lizard (biawak) that also comes downstream and they all seem to like to drop by a short distance in front of my home. When it rains the stream rises to cover all the nearby areas and looks like a fast flowing large stream, about 50 feet wide (estimate). Biawak would then come down perhaps for fish and then find its way up the grassy banks to the golf course. Wonder what it does there?

Different Personalities

Sometimes the large grey bird is naughty and would bully and chase away the brown one though they are of about the same size. It shows the animals too have different personalities. Some are tougher and others timid. Kingfishers and other small birds do not care much about them - they fly about, all over the place enjoying the drizzle, keeping a lookout for fish.

Jewel Coloured Kingfisher prepares Dinner

My son once saw a vivid turquoise and yellow kingfisher catch a fish,. It flew and sat on a branch and hit the fish repeatedly on the branch to 'fix' its dinner! Kind of sad for the fish but we humans eat to live too.

The quiet time of the evening is so peaceful - shukr Alhamdulillah! It makes me forget about the meetings, deadlines and worldly responsibilities for a while.

I may not live in this wonderful place forever and may move on but I will always be grateful to Allah SWT for giving me this wonderful experience of being close to His creation. Alhamdulillah!

No matter where we stay, we must look out for the gems in the silver lining and appreciate the daily joys of living. Be truly thankful for Allah SWT's mercies and blessings.

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