Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lovely Lovely Fabrics Everywhere!

Been purchasing some lovely lovely silk fabrics lately. Its costly to have our clothes tailored but we can try to save by buying quality fabrics during mega sales. Shopping and carrying the heavy fabrics take time and effort but nothing good ever comes that easy. Remember not to stinge on the tailoring as a badly made dress is really a waste of precious time and money.

Guess that's why many people prefer to pay more for ready made clothes as they know what they are paying for. Unless its a tailor or boutique that they are familiar with.

Appreciate the Tailor

Its really difficult to get people to help with sewing and hemming etc so the poor overworked tailor has to do everything alone. Its sheer torture!!! Its fun to sew your own clothes at your own pace but to have to go to town to buy buttons, thread, notions, to draft, to cut, sew , hem, iron etc daily is such a terrible chore. Its not a job like cut and paste - even that can be tedious and boring, if you know what I mean...

New Range to Complement the Book

Have to design and work with my tailors to create a small range of clothes to complement the contents of my new book. I did not plan to do the clothes yet as I know the complexities and stress of designing, purchasing, planning, sewing and embellishment. However there had been some requests by friends who wish to motivate me, so it may be time for me to really think about coming up with a range .

Look out for Muslima Garment Designs

Insya Allah I will post some designs from time to time as my articles are getting very wordy! I hope you will enjoy them.

It really takes time and effort so I need to really get started. Well, I've started ...

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