Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking in a Hurry

Have to cook some fish for my dad's lunch

Quick Fish Slices

Just marinade some fillets of sole with curry powder, salt and pepper
Heat the oil and place the slices in carefully. I used a large non stick pan.
The oil helps to brown the onions and spices to make it aromatic and tasty.

Slice some onions quickly and mix them in at the sides, careful not to disturb the fish.

Throw in thinly sliced capsicum, curry leaves or red and green chillies.
Anything goes!

Turn the fish to cook the other side and stir the veggies to brown evenly.
Fish is ready when slightly browned and firm to the touch.
Don't use your finger! Press with a non stick spatula, my dears!

Serve with fluffy hot rice and salad. Bread and soup would be super.
Now, isn't that real quick?

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