Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is it good to be humble?

Arrogance is a major sin

To be humble does not mean to lower ourselves. To me it means we should not show off or think we are better than others. Being arrogant is actually a major sin in Islam. We know our own abilities and achievements. When we are humble we also know there are many others who are better than us. We have to keep on learning and improving ourselves. And we have to share our knowledge to help others.

What does humility mean to me

When I was first introduced to Islam I did not understand what it means to be humble. "Oh if we are behave humbly, wouldn't others look down on us and think Muslims are inferior to them? Would people think we do not mind if people try to trample on us or do not give us due respect?".

Strength and discipline needed to be humble

Now I realise it takes a strong and disciplined person to be humble. Allah SWT wants us to be humble sevants so that we will not be selfish or proud. It doesn't mean we think others are better but we are always thankful for His favours and be willing to help others who are less privileged.

Be confident

Being humble means having confidence in oneself and not needing to make great effort to impress others. Just be ourselves and be well mannered. Learn to be respectful and considerate and you will find others reciprocating them. Similar things attract each other. Be good and you will find others being good to us too.

Be humble and sincere

Be humble and sincere. You will find you have many friends of all seasons. Not friends who love you only when you are doing well and look down on you when times are a little difficult. Everyone goes through the cycle of life and like they say, every dog has its day. That is the will of Allah SWT.

With every hardship comes relief

These cycles teach us to be patient and humble but with every hardship comes relief. Allah SWT is always close by, watching us, guiding us if we ask for His help.

We learn something important when we are tested

We learn a lot when Allah humbles us. We may then fully appreciate His Kindness and Generosity and Compassion. When we have something all our lives we take that for granted. When we lose that for a while then we realise we did not fully appreciate His Blessings. Insha Allah it will make us more compassionate and caring people.

Difficulties bring us closer to Allah SWT

Even the hardship He gives us is but a test. We need to make every effort to overcome that hurdle in life. Ask for His help through constant prayers and supplications. Prostrate and supplicate earnestly during solat. That is the best position - man at his most humble position, having a heart to heart conversation with his Lord.

Insha Allah you will find Him opening many doors for you in dunia (this worldly life) and akhirat (the Hereafter).

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