Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is Poetry writing a waste of time?

Poetry, Anyone?

Sometimes we get the impression that poetry writing is not so encouraged in Islam. Time is precious so we must manage it wisely. Maybe its to discourage people from spending hours trying to create the perfect poem - is it to express our thoughts and feelings, to share something beneficial, to praise Allah or is it just to impress others? Do not be influenced by our ego.

Time is Precious
No Rhyming Necessary

These days, we do not have to waste precious hours trying to make our words rhyme. Unless we are so very talented in rhyming , it is actually alright to tell it as it is. Know what I mean?

Be Yourself

I do not know too much about all this literary stuff but I will know whether I like what I hear or what I read. Its the message, the idea, the sharing that is important. Forget about trying to be someone else - it doesn't work.

Speed Writing for Practice
and to Jolt Memory

I have begun to write more often these days - once a week, though I should give more thought to the subject or topic. Been so busy lately that I did not even have time to type even a few lines. Just too busy - trying to balance work and ibadah. Alhamdulillah!

Write Like Crazy

I am starting to time myself when I write. Just choose a topic and write like crazy for 10 minutes. You will be surprised to find how much you can produce in just 10 minutes. I force myself to focus and tell myself to go with the flow. Of course by the time 10 minutes are up you will feel like writing more as your story has only just begun! If we organise our thoughts or have discipline, we can end the piece in a gentle manner, giving it an opportunity to grow into a lengthy story if we so wish.

Do Not Just Read!
Be a Productive Muslim!

All the ardent book lovers out there! Do not only just read! We may love reading but do you know all you people have gone through much in life, learned many things and are very qualified to write and share? We must balance what we do.

Read Read Read and Enjoy it all Then perhaps write a little to give back. Share your ideas and knowledge; entertain us even, by putting your knowledge and ideas into words.

Support Women Writers!

Like I had always said, we need more women writers who write about other women. Positive writing and also documentation. How are our brothers and sisters, our children going to learn if we keep it all to ourselves. Literally burying the skill, knowledge and information with us , taking it to the graves.

Amal Jariah

Do we have some sort of responsibility to share? And this process is two way - when people benefit or take positive action, we may also be rewarded for these actions. Insha Allah these good deeds are continuously rewarded (amal jariah) by Allah SWT.

If we have no time, start small

We do not need to write a thick book, even a few pages, even a pamphlet containing good information is good. There are also some companies that may sponsor the publication so the writer does not have to worry about finances but concentrate on writing.

Do not be shy - go for it!

Beginners do not have to feel shy. Find a writing buddy and co write a book - a story that encourages family values, short fiction that has a message, nasyid for children, a baby's first story book or even a book on how to plant vegetables in our backyard! The possibilities are endless so let us all start writing our first book or pamphlet!

Where to Start?

Those who do not know where to start can volunteer at ngos where help is much needed to write their newsletters, brochures, reports and magazine articles. That way your work gets published without incurring any cost. Of course your paymaster will be Allah SWT so do not expect a worldly fee for your effort. Amal jariah and continuous rewards insha Allah. The satisfaction you get is priceless!

Write with the Right Intention

One last thing, do not write only just to make money or enjoy instant fame. Our effort may become unnatural and calculating. Just be sincere and write good stuff. Write about what you enjoy or what you want to share with others. Write with responsibility and always ask yourself if what you write pleases Allah or not.

Support Muslim Writers

Muslim writers have limited market right now. Why? Probably because most of us have forgotten about them! Many actually do not know we have many good Muslim fiction and non fiction writers. We do not find fiction books easily even in large bookstores and even so the choice is limited. Locally we only get love stories favoured by young girls and religious books by Muslim writers.

There is not much choice and we often forget we can order books via the internet. Buying their books will help and encourage our Muslim brothers and sisters to improve themselves. We can help them achieve the financial independence to focus on good writing that not only entertain but perhaps educate us. Better that reading trashy novels that are of no benefit to us except fleeting entertainment.

Rezeki (Blessings and Bounties) is determined by Allah

Rezeki is from Allah SWT so do what we can and leave the rest to Him. Even without great monetary rewards initially, insha Allah your rewards and wealth will come in many ways that you least expect.


  1. Salam sis.

    Masha'Allah, this is truly a delightful post!

    Many years ago I dabbled in poetry writing, and I was quite active in the blogging realm. However, I have to admit that I've developed lackadaisical symptoms of late. I don't even write in my journals anymore! :(

    Although I am adamant to change all that soon, Insha'Allah. Keep up the good writings sis! :D

  2. Thank you sis. I too feel distracted with so many commitments and sometimes neglect this blog. I told myself I should at least try to share a little every few days.

    Looking forward to more writing from you. Your choice of words inspire me...