Friday, March 11, 2011

Rewards by Intention and Deeds

Every deed starts with an intention.

Everything we do starts with an intention. That intention can develop into an action. That intention can be good or evil. Allah is so Generous and Merciful. He rewards us by our intention.

Our iman goes up and down

If we had a bad intention but did not do it, He gives us a reward for abstaining from that bad action or deed. How Generous and Kind is our Heavenly Creator - He knows we are weak and sometimes have evil thoughts.

Most Kind and Compassionate

If we made an intention (niat/niyyah) to do good solely for His sake and carried out that deed, He gives us 2 rewards. How easy it is to earn our rewards.

Earn our rewards daily

Every day Allah gives us opportunities to earn rewards. Every moment of our lives. Sometimes these reward points offset our daily sins. Insha Allah. We pray earnestly for His Mercy. No one will enter Jannah (Paradise) based solely on our good deeds, it is too insignificant compared to Allah's Bounties and Mercy.

Race with one another to do good deeds

However it is in our own interests to strive hard and race with one another to do good deeds to earn the pleasure of Allah. We have to put our intentions into actions and serve and worship Him with true humility and sincerity.

Do not think we are better than others

We do according to our abilities and circumstances. What is most important is our sincerity of intention. Not for showing off or impressing certain people. There are always people who are working harder in their ibadah and achieving more than us anytime.

Teach our children

Parents need to share this understanding with their children. We need to ask ourselves whether we have worthy intentions and deeds. Do are actions please Allah? Are we doing something solely to earn His good pleasure? Will our actions displease Him? We all know bad actions are sins and sins can lead us astray and to a very evil destination.

Little children do not know that. They need their parents to guide and nuture them. We must not just focus on getting the child through pre school, school, college and off to university. Muslims balance their lives and not live like robots and do what others do.

Muslims have the miracle of Al Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet saw

Muslims are given the best guidance and the divine manual to make the best of their worldly lives. We are so priviledged but many of us take it for granted.

Our Destination, our choice

Allah SWT has shown us the way and its is available to everyone. It is up to them to take it or leave it. Man is given to the choice where they want to be in the Hereafter. Heaven or Hell - their own choice.

They are shown the way to Jannah but not all are interested in the final destination. Some people want to go here, there and everywhere except where they all have to finally return to.

One way journey - ticket paid for

Its a one way journey, we all have to leave this worldly life one day. No body wants to get off. Most of us do not really want to think about that. Its not too far away and may be just round the corner for some of us.

Focus on Jannah!

Let us do as much good as possible to earn Allah SWT's good pleasure. Leave behind our vain desires and focus on Jannah!

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