Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple Salmon Dinner

No Time to Cook

Started dinner late as I had already lost the momentum of cooking meals at home for the past few weeks. Working late and travelling according to the traffic congestion and flow really throws us off our routine of proper meals at proper times.

How many of you really cook?

How many of you actually go home and cook dinner every night? Or do you take the easy way out and eat on the way back or go out for a late dinner after night prayers?

Quality may be compromised

Eating out isn't half as bad as Malaysia is a food haven. We can choose to eat any of our favourite foods at any given time - even midnight! But we know we are not getting quality food as quality and freshness may probably be compromised most times.

What do we expect for RM7.90 or even RM12.00? People have to make some profit too. And of course I love the no marketing and preparation and washing up parts. We cannot have everything but our health suffers. Badly.

What to cook within an hour?

Its was 6.00pm and I realised that I had left a large slice of salmon in the fridge since yesterday. And there was a lump of chicken - unrecognisable since it was frozen hard. Could not remember what it was actually. Great- all meaty parts with some bones. I have carrots, shallots, greens and tomatoes. Those are part of my staples in the kitchen. I also like onions, garlic, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.

So the chicken was made into a light chicken vegetable soup and the salmon poached.

Dinner's Ready!

Alhamdulillah! Soup was really nourishing and fragrant. The salmon was poached lightly in about half inch of water, covered tightly and water absorbed. Made a light garlic, shallot and butter sauce and a large bowl of crisp salad with lemon juice, olive oil and honey. Dinner turned out to be really great and I am thankful for my food.

Sharing Food and Cooking Ideas

I like to write about food as we all have to cook and we all have to eat. Sharing how to do things quickly and easily may help someone out there have a more productive and happy day.

Cook Healthily for Healthier Hearts

We have to try to cook more - me especially. Heart patients and elderly folks cannot eat oily and commercial food all the time. We do not need any msg or extra oil in our cooking. Use non stick pans carefully so as not to scratch the surface. I love my green pan - its really superb and practical. Not expensive when you use it twice a day , 365 days a year for a couple of years.

Good Cooking Equipment makes it easy

I also use an atmosphera - a portable stove that is electronically controlled. It can be set at no. 1 for cooking soup or porridge overnight or at 8 or 9 for a real instant heating. It is energy efficient and hardwearing. Also self regulates the heat - never regretted in buying it. Am thinking of getting one more. Great for holiday cooking and travel.


  1. Salam sis.

    Alhamdulillah, I am blessed in the sense that my mum and aunt cooks for us. :)

    Even so, throughout the recent years I have developed a penchant for cooking whereby I try to allocate some time during the weekends/holidays to make simple dishes for the family.

    By doing so, I believe we can reap immeasurable rewards from it i.e. strengthening family bonds - cooking and eating together, advocating healthier lifestyle - we are in control of the cooking method/ingredients, etc.

    May a family that eats together, stay together. :)

  2. Alhamdulillah! That is so very true sister. The bonding part is priceless and we know cooking comes from the heart. :)