Saturday, March 12, 2011

'The Beauty of Covering Up' - page 11

One Simple Way to Become Closer to Allah SWT

One simple way to help us get closer to Allah SWT is by dressing and behaving modestly. People see us every day and everywhere.

How do we represent Islam? Half covered? Or half naked?

(Are we considered part naked if we do not cover according to Al Quran and the sunnah (traditions and practices) of the Prophet saw ? Are we deliberately exposing parts of our bodies that should be covered?)

Are we proud to look like a Muslim?

How do people view us? do we look and behave like people of Al Quran?

What kind of responsibilities do we have as Muslims?

Why Do We Cover Modestly?

We do not do it just because it is a job requirement and not because all our friends are already covered up. We want to do it because Allah SWT says so in Al Quran.

Be Happy

Do it only for Allah SWT's sake and be happy to have to the power to make positive changes.

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