Saturday, March 12, 2011

'The Beauty of Covering Up' page 11

Be Proud To Cover Properly - Not Half Heartedly

Many of us are already covered modestly in long loose garments with long sleeves. All we need to do now is to ensure that we cover our heads, neck, ears and bosom properly with a headscarf, tudung or veil, all meaning the same thing.

The Power of Covering

Yet this tiny piece of fabric is so very powerful and significant that it seems to bring so many mixed reactions from many Muslims and non Muslims alike, in many countries of the world!

Powerful Statement

Alllah SWT is Most Wise - He gives us the Beauty of Covering as a very Powerful Statement - with pride do we wear our Islamic identity as a symbol of love for our Creator. Subhan Allah!

Covering is an Honour and Shield
Not a Burden

Be Proud to Be Muslim! Be proud to declare that 'There is none worthy of worship except Allah SWT and Muhammad saw is His Messenger'.

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