Saturday, March 12, 2011

'The Beauty of Covering Up' - page 10

Beauty From Within

Wonderful and beautiful creations of Allah SWT are often concealed and protected naturally. In some cases, they are camouflaged by a thick skin or plain looking shell. Just like oysters and their lustrous pearls - how very beautiful they are when their treasures are revealed! Allah protects His creations in different ways.

The only difference is these creations are already blessed with their natural cover. However, Allah
SWT created man with free will to chart our own destiny. He helps us by sending our holy book Al Quran, the Prophets and Messengers to guide us towards the path to Jannah (Paradise). It is our duty to seek beneficial knowledge, act upon it as well as to share it with others. Surely we do not wish to just benefit ourselves?


  1. assalamualaiki.. nice to meet u mrs noorshin. =) may i ask u, where i can get the marvelous book that u write? ~the beauty of covering up~

  2. Wa alaikummus salam dear sis Faizatul,

    Thank you for writing in. You can order my book direct and I can send it via Pos Laju. If you stay in KL/PJ you can get it at Hammam Min Fes, at Mutiara Homes near Curve and Ikea. Can check their Face Book. My email