Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing work home

Should we bring our work home?

Don't bring your work home! Even I used to say that as we do need family time and rest when we get home. The journey back was already stressful enough, especially if it had been raining. Sometimes the rain was so heavy that I was just driving with my eyes wide open but could see only waterfall on the windshield.

Driving on a prayer

Driving on a prayer - making a dua and tawakkal to Allah SWT. There are some things we have to keep doing - like pressing the accelerator pedal. Even if we cannot see the road ahead. This is the time to realise Allah is watching over us. We cannot just stop the engine, there is no place to pull to the side so the only way is to go forward! Sometimes life is just like that...

So who wants to do some more office work when she gets home? Not me, I used to think.

Singing a different song

These days I am changing my tune. Everyone wants to work from home. I actually like working at home as I can take care of my family and yet fulfil my responsibilities. Its really nice to have a nice hot cup of tea and snack and make money at the same time. MMMmmm...

Set a target and reward yourself

Tonight I have to do some paperwork and send something by email. Set myself a target. Must complete part 1 by 10pm. I'm dying to read a few publications I just bought the other day.

The shop was closed again... wanted to buy eggs to make some chocolate cakes. The problem with condominium living is we cannot make too much noise to disturb the neighbours. So no blasting away the machines at 12 midnight. No one hears anything in a normal landed property.

Been driving all over today and came back just in time to avoid the awful jam. Enjoying a hot mug of Rooibus tea, compliments of sis Rayhana. Its really tasty and so packed with nutrients.

Okay, to work, to work :) happily and with a smile. Insha Allah the output will be positive too!

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